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  1. bagolies51

    Trey Canard out for rest of the season.

    Crashing sucks. Hope he's ok. I guess the lord jesus christ didn't bless him that day.
  2. bagolies51

    one armed racer

    I used to see that guy all the time at Racewaypark NJ. I haven't seen him in a couple of years. It was amazing how fast he rode
  3. bagolies51

    2006 Supercross R15 Seattle torrent

    That's awesome thanks, I hope to be able to watch the outdoors this way because dish network dropped oln.
  4. bagolies51

    06 kx250f overflow drip

    Thanks for the help.
  5. I have a 06 kx250f that drips gas out of the overflow tube when idleing. Could someone give me an idea as to why this is happening
  6. bagolies51

    ATV rider shot by park ranger in NJ ???

    I was refering to an earlier post in this thread that said he heard the atv riders tried to run the cops over. Thats why i said that the only people that know what happened were the ones who where there.
  7. bagolies51

    ATV rider shot by park ranger in NJ ???

    All I am saying is the media puts their own twist on everything depending on how they want something to be perceived. If you cant see that you must be blind
  8. bagolies51

    ATV rider shot by park ranger in NJ ???

    The only people who know what really happened are the one's who were there. The media only gives their version of the truth. In my opinion if the guy did try to run one of the cops over with a 7 or 800# atv he deserved to get shot.
  9. bagolies51

    oil amounts

    I have a 06 kxf250 it says 1.35 with filter change and when i put that much in it is over the top of the sight glass, so i dont know which to go by( sight glass vs measured amount)
  10. bagolies51

    Go on strike E Town

    I hope all of you do go on strike. I'll have the whole track to myself.I don't like the idea of paying more money, but don't blame raceway park blame the moron(s) who sue.people need to start taking responsibility for their own actions. And another thing $40 is alot cheaper than the $1200 your going to pay when your bike gets impounded for riding in some sandpit in south Jersey.
  11. bagolies51

    Mt Pleasant to Re-opening by Rich Zupko

    Thats great they have a real fun track down there
  12. bagolies51

    AMA-dont piss off your members

    I don't like the idea of it either, but the AMA set precidence when they penalized riders in the past. If they would have let it go they would be showing favortism towards RC.
  13. I'm 38, been riding my whole life. But am more into now than ever.
  14. Thanks Annsi I'll give it a shot. My dvd player is a cheap one so if it doesn't work i'll have to break it, blame it on the kids, and buy a good one.