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  1. just a fyi when you run your ground on the triple like that might cause a blink in your light on hard accel or bumps because the ground is through the head bearings and sometimes they will separate under some conditions.i have dealt with this issue before
  2. http://www.kawasaki.com/Products/Detail.aspx?id=370
  3. i love me some wheelies!
  4. i rode the pi$$ out of the sm and did not want to turn it off!
  5. i have the same issue except from wheelies and endos, i took aprt the cap and cleaned the surface where the rubber plunger is and put some grease in there to slow the plunger down, but a couple of weeks later it started again. i was thinkin if i got a california issue cap and had a vent tube welded to the front of the tank i could put a one way like my fifty but it is kind of exspensive to jack with my only tank.
  6. i have gpr and it is great. not one more headshake since i installed it. getting a shake on the front wheel at 75 mph is very scary on the z.
  7. i took mine off months ago, im not trail riding my sm so i think im ok.
  8. our f&i guy has a 450sxv aprilia and i dont think it handles near as good as my sm,the brakes work awesome and its has good power but uncomfortable,knees touch radiator on endos,feels as if it has a hinge in the middle of the bike when you hit corners.most of all its like 8k to buy one, ipaid 3500 for my drz otd and am totally happy with it.
  9. i financed mine but inded up paying it off before i got my first payment. i was in the process of selling my fourwheeler and we got a drzsm on trade cheap so i could not resist.
  10. im at a dealer and they dont care what i ride, because most of them dont ride anyways. in fact one idiot sales guy asked my if my damper came stock on the drz.....i was like seriously!
  11. take the chain guide off.
  12. that what i was thinking with my 9k
  13. we have had a used 07 and a new white one on the floor for a while and not much attention, most of the demand is small crusiers over in my neck of the woods.
  14. guys cost on these things are like 5400 i think, not much markup