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  1. I ride a 2000 RM125 that is a 144. It's a very fun bike but it still doesn't do well in the sand unless you hit the sand in 3rd gear pinned and keep it there. I love the bike though it would be nice to have the best of both worlds and adda 4 stroke to the stable for sandy/desert rides. -Tim
  2. Baja4x4racer

    having some trouble

    That makes 3 of us. lol I'm pretty new to riding so I thought it was just something that comes over time. -Tim
  3. Baja4x4racer

    Shoei Helmet Quick Release?

    The black metal do-hick-a-ma-jig attaches to the red tab so the excess strap doesn't flop around. -Tim
  4. Baja4x4racer

    New Idea

    Maybe if you bike engine was killed instantly using the kill button but on my RM125 thats bored to a 144 I have to hold down the kill button for a couple seconds to actually kill the engine. -Tim
  5. Baja4x4racer

    How to wash an air filter with gasoline?

    Since you still need to oil and clean the filter, how does that help? -Tim
  6. Baja4x4racer

    Gas is your friend

    I've raced off-road for years - buggys, trucks and now suvs. Bikes are new to me but the same rule seems to apply. "When in doubt, gas it out." -Tim
  7. Baja4x4racer

    More Clutch Problems

    My 2000 RM125 with a big bore kit on it won't start in gear unless its warmed up and even then its kit and miss. I was told it's just something I had to deal with. BTW, there is nothing wrong with my clutch. The oil you use can make a difference as well. I'm having better luck starting it in gear warm (I should say hot) running Amsoil. -Tim
  8. Baja4x4racer

    Noob tranny fluid question!

    My RM125 takes 750ml and yes it's on the clutch cover. -Tim
  9. Baja4x4racer

    Please Help Me Out!!!!!!!

    I'm shopping for a bike right now and your gonna need a least another grand if your set on a 4 stroke. -Tim