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  1. ahmatienzo

    tell honda what you want!!!!!

    an easier acces to air filter
  2. ahmatienzo

    Saving weight on a CRF450x

    I just took it out securing the wires and that was it. I´ve had several long rides with no battery and nothing strange seemed to happen
  3. ahmatienzo

    Saving weight on a CRF450x

    thanks Ivan....
  4. ahmatienzo

    Saving weight on a CRF450x

    Guys, I love my CRF450x 2006 but think that it´s weight is wearing me up in the second half of a GNCC race. (Specially within woods) Power is great and friendly if you use it correctly (not abruptly), no suspension issues (already re-valved by Race Tech), but would love to hear any ideas on how to save weight and how to do it (specially on getting out the most possible e-starter parts ). I´ve already ripped off the skid plate, front light, latteral stand and battery and the bike feel more flickable.....but want more! (More of a 450r feel). What else have you guys tried?????