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  1. $4500 for my 400sm 2 days ago. Bar end mirrors and 2 Bros slip-on on it. All else was stock w/ 5120 miles.
  2. That's what happens when you use the IRK. Just turn your idle up a bit and it should clear up the problem. If not, you will have to get a habit of keeping it running by pumping the throttle a little.
  3. The first thing to do is to learn what you can about your bike. What engine it has, the bore size, carb size, sprocket size? What bike you have, shock length, a-style or mono swingarm, 50 based or mid-size based? There are a lot of different things to consider so I will warn you to research b/4 you buy anything and make sure it is right. Ebay is not the best place to buy parts unless you already know what works and what is junk. I would say try these sites: There are others out there but these are some of the best to deal w/. Also, to find out more about the bike you have visit
  4. I would pull that clutch assembly apart for sure. Could be the clutch plates are stuck in place or something. Does the engine spin over everytime you kick it or does it feel like it slips sometimes?
  5. ^true Also, if you plan on putting a hv oil pump this would be a good time to do it. The best carb I can tell you to put up there is the 20mm from Hondatrailbikes. It's pretty cheap and has been used on a many a 70 and 88 kit. One from a 70 will suffice but as stated you will run into a fitment issue unless you can mill the intake down a few mm.
  6. The shifting is hard b/c you are shifting the tranny and disengaging the clutch at the same time w/ that one stroke. It should feel a bit easier w/ the manual clutch installed b/c when you shift you no longer disengage the clutch w/ that stroke thus less stress on the shifter.
  7. You can't start it w/ the clutch disengaged. When you pull the clutch in you lose the connection between the kickstart and the crankshaft so the crank will not sping when you kick. You say it is hard to shift. Is the clutch disengaging fully? When you put it in first w/ the clutch disengaged does it feel like the bike is trying to pull forward a bit?
  8. U need a big tire and plenty of power to ride the sand. U could put a paddle on but w/o the power to turn it you may as well forget about it. A 88 isn't enough to do it either.
  9. A 12 bar is not designed to be a crash bar.
  10. Your money will be best spent on a 88 kit and a bigger carb. You can get a 88 kit from for $99 and a 20mm carb kit for another $80. Just putting the 88 kit in will raise displacement as well as the compression ratio. The almost free mods don't really do anything.
  11. It sounds more like your carb is dirty then. If you have been running it w/ the choke on but it doesn't run w/o it then you are not getting enough fuel. The mods you did have not caused this lean condition. It may have freed up a little bit of flow but not enough for it to run ragged. I guess the big question here is would it run w/ the choke off b/4? If not, you have your answer.
  12. practice, practice, practice If you have ridden wheelies on street bikes, quads, etc it makes it a lot easier for you. If this is the first time you have ever really done them then it's going to take a while. Not many people just jump on them and are good. It took me a good 3 weeks b/4 I could ride one 100ft w/o going off the road and I can ride wheelies on a street bike for miles. The hardest part was keeping them straight then one day it wasn't a problem anymore. The balance point is what you need to learn first though. Don't worry about distance or keeping it straight to begin w/. Just work on that balance point. If the bike is slowind down then you are too far back. What you are describing makes me think that you are doing them in 1st gear. I can tell you now that you will learn to ride them better and faster in 2nd gear. You will have a bit more speed which will help you keep it straight. Once you get 2nd where you can ride for distance and you can get your turning down pat then you can bump it down to 1st and do the slow stuff.
  13. I am in the process of switching it over to street right now. I need a longer arm first though. Trying to fab everything up right now and still working on getting a street legal title. I have put an enduro fairing on the front and a tail/brake light on the rear since these pics and I got rid of my IRK.
  14. u can convert the plastics and tank over to a newer set but you will have to do it all may require a bit of modding but doable for sure. I have a 03 tank and shrouds that I was going to put on but I never got around to buying the rest of it to do the conversion yeah, no graphics kits for the older generation 70s. here's my 1998 model