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  1. Sorry, dont know
  2. Yes, that´s why you have to make a new ground-wire from stator. (its grounded with one of the screw that holds the stator) At first i connected everything, kind of what you did, and it worked.. but i could only load about 50w, then i connected it as i explained, with the "new" ground-wire, now i can load it about 80-90w
  3. I converted my -07 to DC, i think its the same system on a -04(kokusan) You have to make a new ground-wire from the stator(separate the ground from stator) I used a Trailtech reg/rectifier, replace the stock regulator. connect the yellow wire and the new ground wire from the stator to the two yellow wires on the rectifier, the red wire from rectifier goes to battery(+) and to the wire where the power from stator used to be connected, black wire from rectifier goes to battery(-) and to chassi, the trailtech has a blue wire also but you can leave that isolated. You can use two 35w HID, i recommend one on the helmet and one on the bike. I hope this will help /Perra
  4. WR 250-07, 40:1 ratio Castrol A747, expensive but the smell is even better then Maxima Castor.. I have read somewhere its not for use below 0ºC, so i use Castrol TTS now in the winter
  5. My Bike was way too rich, the first i noticed was the slide, i had a #3 slide, according to the book it was supposed to be #4(#3 is richer than #4) the change to #4 helped a lot but is still a little rich. i check the float-level earlier it was 17mm, i´m pretty sure thats the problem. So check the slide and floatlevel if its rich!
  6. I have seen some very good info in some threads here! why not post the info here so we can get a "jetting sticky"?
  7. Ok, so the TMX on a Husky, the height is 18-22mm? Is that from base of carb to the top of float?
  8. I have CRD on my bike, they look very similar, but without the middle rod.. It looks like a very good design!
  9. Where did you buy it? 3yrs ago i asked "Knåda Cykel & sport" about a piston for a WR400-84, it cost about 1500kr ($230).. could it be so much differens? /Perra
  10. Ok, so it´s not the same as TE/TC?
  11. scottsperformance has a bolt on kit
  12. 24:1(4%) sounds a little on the safe side, i hade a WR400 -84 and it run fine on 40:1(2,5%) i dont think there´s any problem going down to 50:1 as long as you use high quality oil
  13. Grazie! I´ll measure the cylinder and probably get the Namura piston for Honda /Perra
  14. a Honda 250 piston is on the shelf in almost every shop, and they are cheaper.. a Namura piston for honda is about 100usd cheaper then a aftermarket piston for husky. i dont know how the NAMURA compare to the WÖSSNER(Athena) i was told that Namura is a good choice.. maby the way to go, is getting the best piston no matter the cost, but thats confuseing, people say their favorite piston is the best..?
  15. I have read/heard that Honda CR250 piston is the same as WR250 is this right? Has any body tried to put a honda piston in a husky, or the other way? I did a search, but only find info about 125..