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  1. additional photo of my setting
  2. For those who has a street legal WR, how do you install the front brake light switch and handguards? I installed the pressure switch in the master cylinder but it interfered with normal handguards. So, I used the supermoto handguards which has more rooms for the switch. But it breaks easily, I already replaced 4 pairs in 2 years. This is annoying and not safe. Any idea? Thanks!
  3. albertlui

    Coolant Loss Question

    You may add a small bottle as coolant catch tank to verify the coolant goes out or not. For my WR, if I fully filled the radiator, after a ride, I will see the coolant goes down at least 1 cm from the cap. I can see the dried coolant(blue with dust) on my skid plate where the overflow tube pointing to. But the coolant will never lower than the fins.
  4. My 2016 WR250F uses the stock setting 13/50 for 2 years, and now is the time to replace a new set. I rarely use 3rd gear in offroad. And 1st gear always stalls at steep slopes. Should I change a larger rear sprocket? OEM has a 52T option, anybody tired? I did search online, and wonder why there is difficult to find a 54T after martket rear sprocket? 13/54 is similar ratio to 12/50. But I don't want a smaller front sprocket.
  5. albertlui

    Engine Warning Light - WR250f 2015 - Help!

    ignition coil open/short circuit. The main relay is included in this circuit.
  6. albertlui

    Engine Warning Light - WR250f 2015 - Help!

    It's my turn today, after I stucked in the stream less than a minute. The water is deep enough to cover the relays. Engine failure code 33 appeared and couldn't start. I swapped the fan & main relay. Engine can start at that time, but 1 minute later. code 33 appear again. I removed the main relay and use my friend's exhaust to blow the relay's contact pins for few minutes. And then it become normal for the rest of the day. I will order a new relay and consider to reroute the relays to higher position.
  7. albertlui

    2016 YZ250F runs for 30 seconds then stalls

    May I know what kind of grease did you use?
  8. albertlui

    Engine Warning Light - WR250f 2015 - Help!

    shooter647, did you check the connector's condition? Does it wet or corrode? A year before, I dropped into a river, and I needed to remove the spark plug to release the pressure. After that, within few hours, i can hear the fuel pump start-up sound few times when I stopped the bike. Another observe, happened once, when I washing the bike, I poured much water over the handlebar, speedometer and switches. The speedometer suddenly start-up! I am not sure which part get wet will cause these happen. Hope this information can help you in diagnostic.
  9. albertlui

    Engine Warning Light - WR250f 2015 - Help!

    I I think they are talking about these 2 relays.
  10. albertlui

    GYTR Power Tuner Ambient Air Temp Question

    The temperature sensor is near the air filter, so, you can imagine the temperature change.
  11. albertlui

    Engine Warning Light - WR250f 2015 - Help!

    Hello Shooter647, the new WR come with the cover. Is it same coverage as B&B? I want to buy one for my 2016, too.
  12. albertlui

    17' yz250fx clutch plates

    Owned 3 different WRs before, all need to adjust between cold(onroad) & hot(offroad). Just asked HINSON, their clutch kit not suppose to use with judder spring. Does Pro-x has the narrower friction plate?
  13. albertlui

    2015 WR250F - Diagnostic Menu?

    I wonder is there any aftermarket product which connect to the diagnostic plug and read out the RPM, temperatures with a tiny display?
  14. Is that means the cushion spring will help to provide stable output when I slipping the clutch?
  15. albertlui

    Spark plug tip came off...

    Oh, I misunderstood your question, you want to ask about the tip on the thread. You are right, WR don't need it.