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  1. My 2016 WR250F installed BajaDesign Dual sport kit and a kill switch which can hold in STOP position. If hold the Kill Switch for a week, the battery nearly can't start the engine. And I just held it for a month and need to replace a new battery. Because one of the wire directly connect to the ECU, i suppose it keep the ECU awake. That's why battery gone.
  2. hello, did you found any problem with the timing mark not align? Because I am facing a problem as following link. So, I did valve clearance check last month, I saw the same misalignment as yours. I was not aware that little misalignment is important before I read your thread. Do you mean you only changed a new chain can make 3 points aligned?
  3. My 2016 WR250F has the same marks at same place. Already ride for 5000miles, not see any problem from it. But not found this on my last WR450F.
  4. My 2016 wr250f already run 8000km (5000miles). If it climb a steep slope with low rpm, I will heard some knocking noise from the engine, I guess came from the valve. If I keep throttle few seconds, the engine will stall and cannot start. At this monent, the kick starter is easy to push with a single hand. So, I guess the valves are jammed. But few minutes later, it will become normal. This happenned twice in the last 3 rides. Any idea about this symptom?
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