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  1. Triple B

    Kx 65 Suspension parts interchangeability?

    It is just rebound.....I forgot about that......my bad 2006 kx65 specs Front suspension: 33mm leading axle conventional fork with four-way rebound damping / 8.3 in. Rear suspension: UNI-TRAK® single shock system with four-way rebound damping and fully adjustable spring preload / 9.4 Give me a day or so and I measure the fork length for you to compare.....
  2. Triple B

    Kx 65 Suspension parts interchangeability?

    My kids 06 KX65 forks are not adjustable.....Rear has rebound only (and each click is a big adjustment) As far as I know there were no major changes to the KX65 from 98 to 17 Buy new springs for your oldest and have suspension serviced........ save soft spring for your youngest when he gets on the mighty 65
  3. Triple B

    balancing rear 10" tire with rim lock?

    its never affected my kids it just looks really bad on the stand warming up
  4. Triple B

    tubliss in a 4hundee

    I know i am late to the party.....but the tubless set up is one of the best things i done to my XR Save 7 lbs of spinning weight over with the same tire and ultra HD tubes. Have 500 plus desert miles on a Maxxis Desert IT rear and an SI front
  5. Triple B

    2006 LT Z50 has really high idle

    Did you try adjusting the idle screw?
  6. Triple B

    New stator or a re wind????

    Does the $100.00 rewind include the TT 15% dicount or is $85.00
  7. Triple B

    Get stock 03 XR400 ready for Vegas to Reno?

    Yes for a good high end re-build, re-valve & new springs that will be spot on for your weight and riding ability. You are paying for the shock tuners knowledge as well as good quality parts. I went the less expensive way first and have been paying for it ever sense. Race Tech Gold valves, seals, springs was $850.00 in 2005 Compression and reboud valving was to soft. In 2006 I revalved $400.00 for oil and labor.(that included new front seals) My new suspension guy comes riding with me and helps tune the shocks on the trail. My point is I ended up paying over $1200 in the end. I wish I would have just gone with PC the first time.
  8. Triple B

    Get stock 03 XR400 ready for Vegas to Reno?

    Nairod First off do what ever BajaBoundMoto says. Mr. Tim Morton has more XR off road race and play miles that anybody you will ever talk to. Google him and his company to see for your self Stock # plate, Glass lens, 100w bulb, re wound stator and good regulator will be more that enough light for an XR400 at speed. Call Baja Designs for all the good stuff. Suspension PC is the best. There are others but you are looking at a $1200 plus no matter who you use. Tubless......Save your cash it will not help you finish the race.....and it may cause a DNF. Play bike 100% yes I love mine on the XR...... If you bend a wheel you are done for the day. Scotts makes an upper triple and bar clamp. Post a Want to Buy thread and see if there is a used one in somebody’s garage.
  9. Triple B

    Fork Maintanance

    That guy is a thumpertalk member from Chile......He is an very good photographer and had some great ride report from an amazing part of the world
  10. ODI Lock on grips come with a new plastic throttle tube and works great with wrap round hand guards
  11. Triple B

    My new to me 400R, and my "plan of attack" - advice?

    Get your pumper carb on and........ Go Tubless It will help out with all the above.....6 lbs of spinning weight I also enjoy running with the 450 on my trusty XR Congrats on the XR it turned out great.
  12. It is Free..... Click the regular download button Next page below the ads is another click xr400manual.pdf Then click save.....and you are set 20 min later
  13. Triple B

    My new to me 400R, and my "plan of attack" - advice?

    Scott if you trail ride the XR the stock wheels and spokes are fine.....But if you try and hammer out 100 plus miles a day in the CA, AZ, NV & Mexico deserts you will break the XR wheels. Mr. Jensen knows how to prep a bike. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3907237719243827970#
  14. Triple B

    My new to me 400R, and my "plan of attack" - advice?

    The HD PC peg mount is a cast piece.......Same shape and design as stock just thicker and maybe better material. I will post a pic next week.....Off to Palm Desert to ride MTB (If it does not rain)
  15. Triple B

    My new to me 400R, and my "plan of attack" - advice?

    No welding required......It was a direct bolt on HD replacement of the stock peg mount. The 400 peg mount is not know for breaking break off like the 650......The 400 will bend. That is what mine did and you are harder on bikes than me. Not a safety issue......just one add on to make the ultimate bomb proof XR400