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  1. MOTOKID40

    hour meter and oil change

    Every 10 hours and your golden
  2. OEM work better, EBC last longer but squeak when braking
  3. I'm coming up on 200 hours on my CRF, change oil and filters often, I rebuild every 100 hour and race every weekend
  4. MOTOKID40

    07 Crf450 Good's and Bad's

    i love my'07 better than an '08, close to 200 hours on it and going strong!
  5. MOTOKID40

    Difference in No-Toil and Twinair systems

    NoToil is the best filter stuff around for sure!
  6. MOTOKID40

    who actually races MX

    I race almost every weekend in the 50 year old class and drop down to the 40+ Intermediate and the 30+ Jr. class, i won the Vet World championship in 2007 in the 50+ Intermediate and 8th in the World this year in the 50+ expert riding against Chuck Sun,Gary Jones,Matt Tedder and Pete DeGraff also the CMC Golden State champion in the 50+ class riding my '07 CRF 450!
  7. MOTOKID40

    Skid plate foam.....Way heavy

    i pressure wash the heck out of mine to keep it clean and seems to work well.
  8. MOTOKID40

    ticking sound when in gear

    when filling the transmission side always put 700 cc in, for some reason they call for like 650cc, the extra seems to quite things down
  9. MOTOKID40

    06 CRF450 got way too hot!!

    It's a honda! fill it up and go again, then check to see if anything is happening
  10. MOTOKID40

    06 , 07 , or 08???

    '07 is the one! steers better and more hit
  11. MOTOKID40

    Starting technique

    Usually after crashing or laying it down they will flood, do the ol flooded trick and lay it over on it's side and look for gas to drain out then try the regular start routine.
  12. MOTOKID40

    New to me 06 crf450r WHERE TO START?!?!?

    FMF pipe all the way! Better power all over and accessories(spark arrestor,96 or 94db inserts) 20% off right now too! try a 68 size main jet!!! I love Agazziz!
  13. MOTOKID40


    NoToil is the greatest product, all water based, wash in soap and water and come sooo clean. dual stage filter, i have washed 6 filters in the washing machine and no residue, NoToil all the way!
  14. MOTOKID40

    07 Xyience MDX graphics

    I like mine