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    2001 WR250F will it ever start reliably or at all?

    Decided to sort my 'WR' after my TTR250 snapped the con rod and totalled all the engine and gearbox at about 80MPH. Well after lots of sorting it starts ok. Basically a new pilot jet got me most of the way. I modified the carb with a home made aluminium plate for good measure and modified the fuel screw. After taking various bits apart I found that my WR is mostly YZ. I did buy it as a modified WR to YZ just hadn't realised that everything had been changed just got the WR frame it seems. Fitted a new oil seal to the water pump, water side + it is definately not left hand thread, rebuilt rear shock reasonably easy to do, modified a 300lm LED light to fit front + rear red LED, got more Hi Tec battery, no stator of course being YZ flywheel, lights can be left on for days and still vv bright. Put a 14 tooth sprocket on front so a little bit more relaxed motorway cruising! hope this helps someone, and thanks for all your help and advice.
  2. phantomwhistler

    2001 WR250F will it ever start reliably or at all?

    Its a twin air, was clean, tried with on and off, new plug iridium. I have compression, fuel, spark still doesn't want to start. I will have to take carb off again, check again, check valves etc. Thanks for your ideas. I could always take it to a professional I suppose!
  3. phantomwhistler

    2001 WR250F will it ever start reliably or at all?

    Idle, can't get it to start. When I first changed cams it was fine, idled nicely, didn't use though, it needed MOT to use on road so was left for a few weeks. Other owner had fitted a yz carb. Carb was filthy so cleaned it, wouldn't start, cleaned again, checked all new fuel etc. no start. Got on with life. Warm day started, next day no start, tried everything. Might get around to changing jets etc. Choke and hot start seem a bit chewed up though, reckon its carb related. Use other bikes cars so no real rush. Its a nice object! Hope you have luck with yours.
  4. 2001 wr250f, modified with yzf flywheel and stator, carb, exhaust, tank, rear wheel, plastics etc. How bought, previous owner started it 2nd kick! Problems starting, just couldn't start it nor any of my friends, push started down slight hill, nearly started, coughed a little. So fitted hot cams (ebay) with decompressor built in, (clearances ok) started fine a few times over a couple of days. Filthy carb cleaned all with cleaner, compressed air, checked back to how found (seems standard jets etc) float correct level, fuel screw out to same turns etc. No start, all combinations tried, choke in, out hot start etc, etc, new fuel, tried everything all this over FOUR years, been busy and my 1981 xl185s starts and loves bouncing from rock to rock! I have spark, (iridium plug), compression, fuel. One warm, 24 degrees (its England and Summer) day did usual kick with choke no throttle it STARTED ran very fast, with no choke it stopped, started again did this a few times, adjusting fuel screw and idle speed no effect idle still very fast. Did exactly same next day cooler no start, no way. Is hot start letting in too much air, choke problem, do I need a new carb, bike, brain? Anybody have any ideas? Thanks for any replies