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  1. thak

    Free play in brand new bike linkage??

    hello, every bearing has some clearance and every bearing in linkage will sum up as free play in wheel. But I have newer had change to test how much that is when bike is new, so I cannot comment if you can feel it in new bike
  2. thak

    Pic of my new winter tire for my 08..

    looks interesting did you had some idea why you selected paddle tire? what about this?: http://www.hsdracing.com/scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=196
  3. thak

    X muffler in R and warming as hell

    okei thanks for the answer. I now also realised that X muffler has a heat shield maybe for a good reason
  4. thak

    Slipper clutch and rear brake?

    thanks for the tips. Next time I'll try to push harder and let's see..
  5. Hello guys! I just installed STM slipper and noticed that now my rear brake gets very hot, so I'm really using it now. Are you using rear brake, or should I adjust my slipper?
  6. Hello! I'm nearly always riding in areas where noise is very critical, and put X muffler in my -05 R. It tuned out that it really mellows the bike, that's ok, but what I'm conserned is that X muffler is very hot, much hotter than R muffler is. Is it normal in X model that muffler is hot? or should I be conserned?
  7. thak

    supermoto boots?

    Hello guys! I have been wondering to what kind of boots you are using in supermoto. Do you use just mx boots, or is it worth to buy sumo specific boots?
  8. thak

    Rekluse Question

    I had 15/37 with motard tyres, and there was no problem in starts at least in asphalt. I have no experience from desert though
  9. thak

    which is the 5th gear ?

    It is also worth to check dogs on M3, because power goes from mainshaft through M3 to the M5
  10. thak

    wide ratio transmition gearing

    or, put CR250 transmission in. It has wider 3, 4 and 5th
  11. thak

    Valve replacement confusion/dilema?

    when your std-valves gets worn, it means valve seats in head are not in shape any more, therefore you have two alternatives: 1) use new std-valves and have your seats cut in head, or 2) buy new ss-valves+springs and hope they will seal well. Typically they will, and they also lasts very long
  12. thak

    No spark, bad stator?

    earlier honda used to state ohm value also for stator, but that value is not reliable and thus nowadays it is stated as voltage. I have CRF450 -04 manual and it says that voltage should be at least 50V when kicking it. CRF250 has same stator so this should apply. Measuring voltage could be done with oscilloscope or with peak detector, but of course you can check with ohm-meter that there is continuity between wires. That should be there
  13. thak

    2010 CRF250 / Dual or Single Exhaust ?

    duals would be more beneficial in 450s, because they need more noise silencing than 250's. I think honda should have introduced them to 450 first and maybe then in 250s if they are really working
  14. thak

    Nitro in rear suspension... is this a must

    hello, this air versus nitrogen topic is very interesting!, I also have been wondering what is the difference but haven't noticed any. I service my shock about 5-10 times per year and earlier used to use 15bar nitrogen to fill shock, but now last 3 years, I used just 8bar air from home compressor. Still servicing shock at least 5 times per year, and I cannot say any difference to earlier 15bar nitrogen. My feeling is that nitrogen is usefull mainly when we talk about 2-3 or more years between shock services, and maybe some top level MXers can notice difference...which I'm not, at least not yet
  15. thak

    Quick Question Regarding Triple Clamps

    No, they won't fit because -08 is showa and -09 kayaba forks, and they have difference on fork tube outer diameter