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  1. The human will to survive is incredible, my thoughts are with your brother and your entire family. Think positive, there is no room for negative thinking right now. Have faith and everything will be alright. Best wishes and i hope he has a speedy and complete recovery.
  2. drewbill

    Spangler Hills Question

    they can be anywhere, on hills, in the middle of the flats, but it seems there are more of them if you get back into the hills.
  3. drewbill

    Spangler Hills Question

    like you said, just keep your eyes open and a finger on the brake!
  4. drewbill

    Spangler Hills Question

    the one my uncle almolst hit was completely flat, you couldnt see it until you got about 15 feet from it, we were cutting through the bushes and just came up on it, no signs or anything.
  5. drewbill

    Spangler Hills Question

    they are out there, and there are enough to always be thinking about them. i was on a ride about a month ago, the guy in front of me almolst went in one, but he kept calm and missed it by about a foot. just watch out when you are not on trails!
  6. drewbill

    Perfect Wheelie

    A little more chlorine in the gene pool should fix that!
  7. drewbill

    Hey Californians!

  8. drewbill

    2/20/06 Red Mtn/Husky Ride report

    i was out there too, i was camped at charlies place. on sunday, seven of us went from camp to where you had the pictures of, (i've always heard it called rock house), then to red mountain and out towards the pinnacles across teagle wash and back to camp. it was rice, it has been a long time since i rode out there. and it was cold, but a couple of layers and some good hard riding kept me warm.