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  1. Oblivious

    speed sucks

    What makes you think that I'm being taunted? Can't I have a little fun at your expense?
  2. Oblivious

    speed sucks

    ............as soon as you do. Who appointed you with the right to ask ANYONE to move on? I have as much right to voice my opinion and views as anyone else here. I have not made any personal attacks on anyone, nor have I said anything about anyone directly in a malicious manner (unlike some others have done). Sounds to me like you guys didn't like anyone disagreeing with you.
  3. Oblivious

    speed sucks

    Oh Dear! Please forgive me! I have sinned in the light of a bike rider! He made a joke that I took exception to, and I have no right to post a rebuttal. He can insult my choice of sports, my screen name, and my southern heritage, but I shouldn't take exception. Forgive me, O Great One!
  4. Oblivious

    speed sucks

    Why did you think I was writing three paragraphs in return to YOUR post? I was replying to three PAGES of posts. Trust me......your joke didn't deserve three paragraphs of my time.
  5. Oblivious

    speed sucks

    Well........here you kids go again with the name-calling. I didn't say anything at all about your avatar, screen name, or anything alse. Yet you feel the need to try to insult me by making a reference to my screenname. Is that because you feel inferior? Or is it that you have nothing of substance to add to your argument? And if this is a motorcycle forum (that's why I came here in the first place) then can you explain why it is necessary to discuss EVERYTHING under the sun except motorcycles? Wasn't it a motorcycler who started this discussion? Wasn't it a motorcycler who decided to not just voice his anger with SPEED but carry it on into another sport that just MIGHT have been important to someone else? If you ride bikes, then does that mean you can't enjoy other sports? I'm sorry.....I'm a more diverse and rounded individual to limit myself to one interest. If I disagree does that mean I am wrong? Is your opinion the only one that is correct? Oh......sorry....... <<<<< LOL makes it OK to say anything, right?????
  6. Oblivious

    Son wants a bigger bike

    Just a thought.........if you're looking for Yamaha info, you'd be better off posting this question in the Yamaha forum.
  7. Oblivious

    speed sucks

    Well.........I guess that the whole world (and this includes EVERYONE) is a RedNeck. I see only motocross related sponsors on the MX machines, with the occassional "manly" thing like Makita. On the other hand, Nascar machines are sponsored by Kelloggs, GM, Ford, UPS, FedEx, Tide, Disney, Coke, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Brawny, IBM, Goodyear, AAA, Home Depot, and other "everyday" companies. So look around your home...........if you are using ANY of these companies' products that are pouring money into Nascar racing, then you too are supporting it. So if you use this stuff........you must also be one of these FatBoy Southern RedNecks. I love to watch the bikes as much as anyone. It just isn't going to ruin my day if I can't. It's too frivilous to get THAT upset about. And do you really think that Speed cares what we as a small group thinks? Honda probably pays 1/10 as much for a commercial during the MX events than the auto manufacturers pay for commercial time during Nascar airings.
  8. Oblivious

    Another jetting Question

    Now THAT'S crude.........but EFFECTIVE! Nice idea!
  9. Oblivious

    stupid neighbor

    No, I don't have to..............everyone in my neighborhood (including several bikers) respect one another's property. In other words.......we act like adults here. OK.........I've wasted enough time in this thread arguing with people who don't have adequate equipment between their ears to support the topic. I sincerely hope the situation is resolved without anyone doing anything they will regret later.
  10. Oblivious

    stupid neighbor

    Not on MY lady! She prefers intelligent adults.
  11. Oblivious

    stupid neighbor

    Like the old saying goes........."You can tell a lawyer is lying because his mouth is moving". I put no stock in their stories, especially when they are being passed along secondhand. (and I apologize.....I didn't correct the spelling in your quote above. Please forgive me)
  12. Oblivious

    stupid neighbor

    At least my name has a meaning to it. What did you do to come up with yours?? Misspell something?
  13. Quit complaining. Nascar generates millions. MXLites generates what? Maybe thousands? Face it....it's a business. You just aren't mature enough to appreciate it. Tell you what..........take a random poll nationwide and see how many people like Nascar compaired to how many like MX. I like them both. But I'm intelligent enough to realize why and how TV coverage works. It's called $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. I like Nascar. Does that make me a "Fat Redneck"?
  14. Oblivious

    stupid neighbor

    Incompetent? Because I have an opinion? Because you don't agree with me? That makes me incompetent? By the way.........you spell Riders with an "I", not a "Y". And you are HOW old???? Do you even HAVE a backyard???
  15. Oblivious

    Good neighbors do exist...

    Sounds like both you and your neighbor respect each other and each other's property. I found out LONG ago that if you are civil, reasonable, open, and polite, things seem to go well. Of course, there are people who seem to be in that permanent bad mood, but thankfully they are few and far between. Glad to hear that you are in a great location and obviously enjoying life!