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  1. OneTrack236

    Lets see the RMZ's

  2. OneTrack236

    2010 or 2011?

  3. OneTrack236

    2010 or 2011?

    I have a 2010, and have had it pretty much since they hit the states and have had ABSOLUTELY NO issues with anything on the bike, including the shifting.... Only thing I had to get used to was starting!!
  4. OneTrack236

    2010 & 11's in action.

  5. OneTrack236

    Post pics of your 2010!

    Damn..i love the black wheels! Cant wait to get a set for mine
  6. OneTrack236

    make over pics

  7. OneTrack236

    Post pics of your 2010!

    moved to first post
  8. OneTrack236

    Post pics of your 2010!

    Did put on mid ecm map and starting got a little easier, but could be better cuz its broke in now also
  9. OneTrack236

    Post pics of your 2010!

    Ok so took out the new bike for second ride now and all i can say is WOW!!! This bike is amazing. Motor is super fast, awesome power throughout, top to bottom. Fuel injection along with motor hopups done. TWMX said suspension was soft for advanced riders but it felt perfect for me (im 160lbs). I will admit it is hard starting, but could be because the dealer put the rich fuel curve in, i will try the lean curve and see if it is better with it. Overall i am SUPER PUMPED with suzuki's new 250F and am so glad its here and im ready to hit up some tracks. Will give more updates as i get more time on bike. I have owned 89 KDX 200, 97 RM 125, 98 KX 250, 01 RM 250, 02 YZ250F, 05 RMZ 250, 07 RMZ 250 and now this and it completely blows everything else away!!
  10. OneTrack236

    Post pics of your 2010!

    Couple more pics from a camera and not my phone. Better resolution. Damn i love this bike...well worth the 6mo wait!!!
  11. OneTrack236

    2010 RMZ 250 Accessories?

    Frames are different, 09's could possbily fit with some adjustments but id rather wait for WC to make the 10' true fit one. Cuz they have some new style coming out also. Do you have anything on ur's yet snyper? All i have as of now is graphics and bars. Ordered filtron ss oil filter/cover.
  12. OneTrack236

    2010 RMZ 250 Accessories?

    FTR, oil and air filters on 07-09 rmz 250's fit 2010's. Anyone else know if anything else from 09's will fit 10's?
  13. OneTrack236

    2010 RMZ 250 Accessories?

    Anyone have any idea if there is anyone making add ons for them yet? I got mine last saturday and first thing i want is a glid plate and everyones saying late spring before anything is out..... dont wanna wait. Anyone have factory team hookups? I know stroupes got a glideplate on his
  14. OneTrack236

    Lets see your guys 07 Rm-z250

    Here is mine!!! By far the best bike I have ever owned.
  15. OneTrack236

    07' Valve clearence Specs

    I am getting ready to adjust my valve, and i am just curious if anyone knows what the valve clearences are for the intake and exhaust valves for the 07' RMZ 250? If so, please fill me in, it would be very appreciated. Thanks