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  1. 250xtroy

    250X hard to start and overheating?

    Thanks for the advice. I have found the problem to be the cam chain tensioner. I found this out by reading some threads on the 250R. If you simply remove the tensioner and then re-install the tensioner will be at its max length and will put too much tension on the timing chain. After re-installing, you have to turn the tensioner release screw clockwise fully and then release it. The tensioner will then apply the appropriate amount of tension.
  2. First I would like to say that this is an excellent post. The pictures and step-by-step text right on. I would like to add a note about the cam chain tensioner. I followed the procedure exactly but I removed the tensioner completely and then simply re-installed thinking it would automatically adjust the tension. That is not the case. The bike was then extremely hard to start, would quit often and would overheat at idle. After reading through some posts on the 250R I found the culprit to be the cam chain tensioner. If you remove it, the tensioner will extend to its max length and when re-installed it will not retract and will put and excessive amout of tension on the chain. This also will put an excessive amout of load on the engine (hard to start and overheating). The chain also damaged the rubber piece that actually applies the tension to the chain. So if the tensioner is removed during this procedure, you must remove the middle bolt and using a small scredriver turn the slot fully clockwise and the release it which is the primary way you recommend releasing the tension anyway. Hope this helps.
  3. 250xtroy

    250X hard to start and overheating?

    After adjusting the valves and cleaning the air filter (had oil in filter from wreck) the bike is hard to start and overheats when idling for more than a couple of minutes. I have read about the overheating issues with this bike but it is 60 degrees F now and I don't remember it ever overheating even during the summer. It also has a new plug. When adjusting the valves the chain cam off the bottom sprocket and I lost my marks so I had to just line up the marks on the cam sprocket and the TDC mark. Could the engine be 180degrees out? Does it matter as long as I have everything lined up? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. 250xtroy

    TTR 125 steering problems

    Doctor-Z Thanks for the info. After greasing the bearings it handles great.
  5. 250xtroy

    TTR 125 steering problems

    I am having problems with the steering on a 2003 TTR 125 L. When riding it wants to track to the left. I have checked the forks and clamps for alignment and everything appears okay. I have also checked the rear wheel alignment. It is set at the same spot on the chain adjusters. Any other suggestions? Thanks 250xtroy:ride: