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  1. gchidest

    how do you like your mirrors?

    They are to big and bulky for my taste. Might get one round mirror for the left side.
  2. gchidest


    This bike is alot of fun. Coming from mx bikes, I was a bit skeptical but have had more fun on this knowing I can ride on street also. I have the stage 1 kit on order since Dec. 8. FMF has been out of stock on their headers. Can't wait to install it. Bestdualstreetbikes.com has a special map on their ecu that should be better than others available at the moment. The owner is really cool and answered all calls I've made, even on Sunday. He even answers via text.
  3. Tag soft and medium. Good looks and feel nice.
  4. gchidest

    tusk clutch kit?

    I've heard oem is the only way to go. I guess I need to learn for myself. Just bought the clutch kit with heavier springs and will update once put into use. I don't know if the clutch will handle the 650 power. Time will tell!!
  5. gchidest

    tusk clutch kit?

    Any one ever try this kit? and if so, how do they hold up? http://www.rockymountainatv.com/productDetail.do?navType=type&webTypeId=38&navTitle=Engine&webCatId=17&allVehParts=true&vehicleType=&pageLinkUri=&prodFamilyId=3011
  6. gchidest

    Dual Sport Kit?

    http://http://www.trickdualsport.com/ Sorry, here is a link.
  7. gchidest

    Dual Sport Kit?

    Trick dual sport is the answer.
  8. gchidest

    where can i get a 13 tooth gear for a 05 xr650r

    http://www.xrsonly.com/content/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=shop.flypage&product_id=1043&category_id=15&manufacturer_id=0&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=77 Try this link. Found it off of xr's only web site.
  9. gchidest

    L.E.D. brake/taillight retrofit

  10. gchidest

    L.E.D. brake/taillight retrofit

    I have the light you are talking about and really like it. It is very bright and is easy to install. I am not sure of the durability of it yet, as it only has about 50 miles on it. When I mounted mine, I did not use the bracket wheeling supplies and instead, cut the stock rubber and left it in the fender. I mounted the light directly to fender with the stock rubber underneath. This acts as a rubber mount and takes some vibration out. It did not affect the light output.
  11. gchidest

    my ramp you guys might want to build

    Looks like a decent ramp. Nice job!
  12. gchidest

    bike related camping games

    Hang a weiner from a tree branch and try to ride under it and eat it. I seen it at some harley fest
  13. gchidest

    MX Shops vs. Online sites

    I order from both. I try and support my local shops as much as I can but can't refuse ordering a part from the internet when it can save me mega bucks. One thing I will never do is order tires through mail order and ask my shop to install them. Thats kind of like bringing your own steak to a resturaunt and asking them to cook it.
  14. gchidest

    What year XR650R to buy? ups and downs?

    Not many differences between the the years except for graphics. 2000 and 2001's have a clutch bushing that has been known to go out. Most have been changed out and if not, it's only a fifteen dollar part and is easy to change out. Any low hour machine thats been maintained will give you years of service.