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  1. teamhonda52

    Takagawa 124 or Kitaco 145-Whats better and why

    well i didnt go by the picture my buddy called and talked to a tech at takagawa and he was telling me about it so and every thing i had said was said to him so i am guessin that is the truth or the guy at takagawa is jus bustting every ones balls but i aint totaly sure this is jus what i was told but my buddy also has had trouble with them in the past so he might jus be bustin are ballz...
  2. teamhonda52

    Takagawa 124 or Kitaco 145-Whats better and why

    they have a new kit out its the 115 super head stage 3 it has ti valves and retainers and it comes with roller rockers its looking pretty sweet i am thinkin bout gettin it my self they also have the stage 3 124 super head as well
  3. teamhonda52

    super head stage 3...???

    i was wondering if any one has had or seen the new super head stage 3 kit i am thinkin bout gettin one but i aint sure yet i got to get the money for one thing but i jus was wondering if any one has heard anything about it....
  4. teamhonda52

    noobie here! with an antique honda!

    yea me and my buddy jus got a hold of one of the chinese engines we dropped in it is wild but it also has a few extra mods in it it is awesome tho it still has the tail light head light stock seat handlebars every thing but the engine turn signals and pipe but we got all that in storage
  5. teamhonda52

    Best xr100 pipe

    i have a white brother's r4 on my bike and i love it it makes good power but most pipes make bout the same power
  6. teamhonda52

    noobie here! with an antique honda!

    hey i was jus reading threw this and i was reading that u think your bike is old i got a 1973/74 XL 70 sittin in my garage now that is some old time stuff right there it still has the original stuff on it to but i was thinkin bout rebulding it but i dont know it looks kinda good the way that it is even tho it is basicly gutless but hey i dont ride much at all.......
  7. teamhonda52

    white brothers r4

    hey i am just coming back to this post because i got my pipe today jetted it in and it runs real strong it sounds good to..ok well i was jus lettin you guys know who helped me out and who ever wants to get one i would give the go ahead thanks later
  8. teamhonda52

    white brothers r4

    no they didnt discontinue it i have seen it on a couple websites...i jus bought it earlier on ebay so ether way i am stuck with it i am only payin 170 for it so it aint to bad and ether way it is better than a stock pipe...so i am good to go
  9. teamhonda52

    white brothers r4

    lol ok let me rephrase what rpms is the power being made lol...thanks for the sarcasim tho..i need it
  10. teamhonda52

    white brothers r4

    hey i was wondering if some one new where the power was being made with the r4 i was thinking about getting one for my 00 xr 100 and i would like to know where the power is being made..?