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  1. redride79

    Hand Exercises!

    Luke, I don't know. I run about 30 miles a week, and lift 4 nights a week, and dont have a problem with practicing for hours at a time. But, I can line up on the gate and by the forth lap I'm about ready to pull off and quit before I get hurt. I think that when I ride about 3 times a week, thats when arm pump goes away.
  2. redride79

    Broken Leg exersices

    I was in a cast for 4 months after a tib fib compound break at Ponca City, and after the cast is off you will be so stiff. Just do stretches for a while, and when your comfortable, put a ten pound weight on a calf raise machine and just let the weight on the machine stretch out your ankles and calves. Im not a trainer, but that is what helped me the most. Eliptical trainer too, almost forgot.
  3. redride79

    rear swinging to right

    I just went through the same exact thing you are talking about with my crf 450. Try to slow your rear rebound several clicks and a couple on the rear comp. It took my about three rides to get it close to right, but now its tons better!
  4. redride79

    cant get dialed in!

    I talked to my tuner for a long time, and he has seen my riding ability. I told him that I was a slowpoke, so we didnt need to overdo the valving. My sag is set at about 4" and I put 22mm ofset tripple clamps on at about the same time, so I may be fighting several different things. Im going to send the shock off at the first of the year hoping it all balances out
  5. redride79

    cant get dialed in!

    got my forks back a couple of weeks ago after having the newer style comp. valve and a revalve, and it is beating me to death. I have had to go to three turns out from full soft just to get my O-ring at the bottom of my forks to reach 2" from the stop. after taking a few clicks out of rebound it got about 1" 1/4 from bottoming out if that makes any sense. I can live with that, and it takes the whoops better than it ever has, but my back tire wants to pass me in every corner. What is the deal, and how can I fix it?
  6. Im fixing to send my forks to Reynard modifications to have revalved on my 03 crf 450. I have a set of 02 forks that Robert says is better in stock form, but my 03 forks can be upgraded for another 125 bucks to be the best around. Can anybody tell me what is being upgraded, and which forks are better?
  7. redride79

    tripple clamp ID help

    thanks Tex, you North or South Texas?
  8. redride79

    tripple clamp ID help

    I just got a set of Jeff Emig tripple clamps for my 03 crf450, and the only markings I could find was cr-2mm. Does this mean that they are 22mm offset clamps? If anybody has delt with these clamps, give me a little help. thanks
  9. redride79

    Bad Crash Erased My Confidence!! Help??

    I can understand where your coming from. I broke my leg in two places, bruised ribs, and concussion in June at Ponca City. Spent all of the summer on crutches. I was worried to death that I would never get back in the groove. Just keep in mind that some days are better than others. There are times that it seems like I never missed a step, and then other days I should have stayed at the house. As for people laughing at you, I cant beleive this is coming from a motocross community. I spent the first few practices parking inside the trailer so I could strap the bike down and kick the ole 450 with my left leg, just hoping it didnt die on the track. IT WILL COME BACK! Ive won two seconds and a first sense Ive been back, Dont get discouraged
  10. redride79

    Doctors release, now what?

    I totally agree with crashes coming in spurts. It seems like you cant even make it around the track without a wreck for a few weeks, then no mater what you do, you always seem to pull near misses out without a problem for a while.
  11. redride79

    Doctors release, now what?

    My wife was was 5 months pregnant when this happened, and she has been my biggest supporter about getting back on. She was the one who overseen getting my bikes back in the trailer when I was jacked up on morphine at the track, shes pushed bikes in and out of the shop at home, shes had to tell numerous people that "she cant tell me not to ride" although she does say I'm grumpy when I'm not riding. I had 4 races left in the Okla. state series and was in 2nd place, and had intended to slow down after this series anyway. But now getting her two go for the new tech 10s?
  12. redride79

    Doctors release, now what?

    I've used this time to completely go over my bike, all fluids, suspension,etc. I began about a month and a half ago starting my bike inside the trailer with my left leg, and pushing it out just to ride on flat ground, and make sure it wasn't jacked up. Sure feels fast when you've been off a while!
  13. Four months ago, at Ponca, in order not to land on top of a lapper, I cased the finish line jump and woke up in the ambulance with a compound tib fib fracture, dislocated ribs, and a concussion. The doctor told me yesterday that I had healed enough to ride again but.......... I've seen some of my good friends quit taking any kind of chances after a wreck. This is my first major wreck that took me off a bike for more than a week or two, and I really don't know how to approach it. I would like to find a small track with open practice this weekend, and just get some seat time. Any suggestions?
  14. redride79

    substitute circlip?

    After breaking a leg at Ponca , Ive been fidgeting with everything I can get my hands on, and in the process of doing a topend on a cr250, While wrestling around too get low enough to install the piston pin cir-clip I let it fly out into the backyard at night. I took the clip out of the stock piston and used it, but it seems a little lighter than the Wisco clip. Should I chance it? I couldn't drive the pin out with it installed. If it was my bike I would try it but I don't know
  15. redride79

    practice vs race !!!!!!!!

    I have the same problem, but its usually just the first moto. Last weekend I went out and got spanked the first moto and got 7th place, but that afternoon after leaving the track for a few hours and getting my thoughts together, I came back and placed second after an intense race with "and beating" the guy in first place for the series. I wish I could figure out my stumble with the first moto of every race, but until then I'll just run my own lines and push.