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  1. Looks like a pretty well setup bike! Are those carb breather hoses near the head stem? What have you done to setup the bike for deep water crossings? How does the IMS tank compare to the original when riding? What brand are those radiator guards? Keep us posted on how the big 510 goes in northern australia.
  2. Instant Starfish

    Synthetic oil break-in????

    Sorry to post this one again but ive done a search and can't seem to find some factual info on this. Synthetic has to be better for all other parts such as valves, cam, gearbox, bigend and so on. The motoman method sounds good for the rings but if you can acheive ring seal with synthetic then the rest of the motor has to be better off. Motorcycle synthetics from what i can gather are different to car synthetics (friction modifiers). So are motorcyle synthetics that good that it is impossible to get a good ring seal? My plan is to warm it up completely and break it in like i ride it with regular oil and filter changes. Does anyone have any fact based knowledge on using motoman method with - synthetic v's semi-synthetic v's mineral? I think once this question is answered we can all breath a sigh of relief and lay the 'what break-in method' question to rest.
  3. Instant Starfish

    Tell me what is wrong with Husqvarnas?

    Nothing wrong with the post youngfella, i found it slightly offensive but made me read it. Its provocative. Most issues occur (on any bike) with a lack of personal knowledge on setup, tuning and maintainence. So by knowing what the problems people have encountered will help all of us all to fix, or preferrably avoid the problem in the first place (eg. my checkbolt has never stripped because i do not overtighten it, as i ensure that i torque wrench it to husqvarna specification). Manufacturing defaults however are another story. Im 29 and have a '96 WR360, awsome bike!! Fellow riders can't believe i'm, at very least, keeping pace with them on a ten year old bike! I agree with everyones thoughts on husky's marketing shortfalls but one thing i know fer sure is that they wouldn't warranty a bike for two years if the quality was not there! Regardless of anyones biased opinions (including mine).
  4. Instant Starfish

    Jetting your 2006 TE 510 (LONG)

    Sorry, should have read the original post again. No good having a leak jet if the AC pump doesn't work. Hopefully the aussie models dont have this temporary emmission fix and have the right leak jet fitted as standard.
  5. Instant Starfish

    Jetting your 2006 TE 510 (LONG)

    Bigbob, great post but why would a 60 to 70 size leak jet not be fitted as standard? Or am i missing something?
  6. Instant Starfish

    2006 Te-450 Horsepower King

    My '06 510 is on the way so might have a bit more info later, but meanwhile from what i can gather the new huskies have a 50mm fork, this means that the amount of seal, shim and slider rubbing the inner tube is greater than the other bikes so therefore stiction is likely to be greater. Most bikes in these tests are brand new and it is common knowledge that marzochis take a little longer to break-in or loosen up. The valving (clickers) may be set a little 'mushy' to try and compensate for the initial 'harshness'(stiction). Wait till ive got some good time on my new 510 and ill tell you if or by how much they have improved.
  7. Instant Starfish

    How old are you and what Huskys...

    29, just sold my '96 WR360 (had since new - awsome bike!) and miss it already. '06 TE510 on the way. Will always buy husky as they continue to build bikes that perform and last.
  8. Instant Starfish

    Dirt Bike's 450 E-Start Shootout

    The reason husky's may feel long behind the rider is that i have heard the pegs are placed further forward than the others. Anyway isnt it good to have more weight forward?
  9. Instant Starfish

    06 FSE 500s out yet?

    Yeah i agree, it may only be 50-60cc but that means alot, extra torque which means more pressure on every engine component, differing flow rates which in turn alters fuel mapping, timing, exhaust rates, valve sizes so on and so forth. Yes u can do it but u may not have the same gain or fuel efficiency that comes with a ktm 450 to 525. Its posssible GasGas may have it right but i too am a little hesitant to get the first model im going to stick with the FSE 450.
  10. Instant Starfish

    Gas Gas all good?

    Was given this link, its an interesting read, the dyno graphs are a great way of comparing the engine characteristics and should be used more in comparisons. http://www.webmotociclismo.com/Def/Masters/MasterEnduro2006/pdfs/fichasE2.pdf
  11. Instant Starfish

    Gas Gas all good?

    Cheers mate. Ill give your contact a call see what he has to say about a FSE 500. Read Feb ADB a good mag but just want to be sure that people will say "what the f*#k was that! Go the Gasser.
  12. Instant Starfish

    Gas Gas all good?

    Looking to part with my hard earnt dollars on a new 06 e-start 450 enduro. The fse 450 sounds good however, also want a bike that is going to last. How well does the top end fare and what are they like to maintain? Understand they dont quite have the power of others but by how much? Will i be dissapointed coming of a husky 360 2 banger? Fuel injected is appealing as supposedly they run at the optimum mixture all the time which will be good for trailriding and efficency but are they worth it??