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    Making HID light on WR450

    Im looking into that, im kinda stuck on having 2- 6in lights, one spot and on fluted. I just need to find somwhere i can buy bulbs i was shot down at our local hella dealer today. If i go with the 2 i gues buying what you bought a retrofit kit for for a car with h4s will do the trick. It could get heavy. So one still seems more practical. I just talked to my buddy. He will buy the other ballast and bulb from the h4 reto fit kit. Out of curiosity wil the h4 kit work in the wr450 housing being that it is plastic, do the hid get real hot? since the stock housing uses an h4 60/55 bulb. I know nothing about HID at the moment. Thanx for your help. its awsome to be able to talk with someone about something that has been running through my head. I will be on track shortly
  2. Dusty Racer

    2005 WR450 and Baja Questions?

    No we didnt do the 1000 last year just the 500 was all the deathwish i had energy for. We ran a Dist 37 Vikings National to train for baja. Man those races are tough, 40 mile of that is more tiering than any ammount of time in Baja. There is ice cold water at the checkpoints when you forget your camelback and your gf has your truck stuck in the sand near the bomb start and all the rows are taking off and your 2yr old is locks himself in the truck with the keys. Water Very important, Man i need to go to church. Bob day coming up in long beach in FEB. If life were a tv show no one would believe it
  3. Dusty Racer

    WR'ing the ol YZ

    I think the best skid plate is the Utah cycle sports skid plate strong, fast delivery, i looked at all the other brands and it was superior. I orderded on for my buddies 05 yz450 and one for my 05 wr450, i think they were the same but ask. 1500 mile still looks great.
  4. Dusty Racer

    Making HID light on WR450

    i walked next door to y buddies shop and he is Mr. HID ansked if he could order up some parts and he gave me a Cats Fog System has a h3 buld, An inverter Input Voltage Dc12v Output Voltage Power 65v,21w. Ignitor for HID Lamp. I think maybe they made them in 2 small compact versions tha both look motorcycle friendly as far as mounting goes. This unit seems like it will not be as bright as the 35W unit you guys are using. My only dilema now is i have a 6in h4 PiAA housing, 6in H2 Hella Housing, and a 4in H1 housing, none of which work with h3 bulb i have, back to the drawing board, this was supposed to be the no money spent project, grrrr. Any sugestions would be greatly apreciated
  5. Dusty Racer

    Making HID light on WR450

    I actually started building a frame for my 05 wr 450, but for dual lights, stopped the project when i found out that our bike does not able to put out that much juice since i was gonna run h4s,i had 2 PIAA,1 fluted and 1 spot, 6 in housings.. I also have 6 in HID housing that is a spot. So now you have re sparked my interest in this project. I was talking to electrex about the lighting coil. What are you using to up the ouput? or just some rewiring?. I still may go with duals, now its looking like it will be one hid on bike and one helmet hid. I guess the wr450 with starter takes up a bunch of room where a larger stator would go. Im also looking foward to your wiring tricks
  6. Dusty Racer

    2005 WR450 and Baja Questions?

    i have mixed feelings on the IMS Tank it worked didnt feel heavy. Where it feeds fuel from one side of the tank to the other it gets really close to the exhaust, the first time out with it it melted the hose they give you with the tank, im suprised the bike didnt catch on fire in Ojos Negros.. I was able to rig it up nicely by wroping the head pipe with header wrap used the hard plastic fuel line, which dint flop around at all, and then covered that with silicon heat sleeve. It work fine never had a pproblem after that. My buddy with a yzf 450 with a white brothers exhaust get scary close to the exhaust because the head pipe has a different bend. The tank has yellowed since June, i wish i knew a wya to make it white again, not sure if it was the pemex gas or what. the acerbis looks like a nut buster. Its not as much work as it seems to make the IMS tank work great, i had all the stuff to make it work. As for a skid plate the best one i found was the one from Utah Cycle Sport its awesome I agree with the ID thing Cash -is a good thing to have with you also when you get a ride to the pemex station and you only have 6 bux between ya, makes you think. A good thing about pemex that had a bathroom with a sink to drink water a lil crunchy but its free, i had 3 bottles worth. Yumm
  7. Dusty Racer

    2005 WR450 and Baja Questions?

    1200 miles in Baja 05 wr450 Desert Tank(IMS)Non Dry break i got 93 miles to a tank It is good to have a buddy with the same tank and bike so you guys can run out of gas at the same time then you have someone to hang out with. Steering Damper(GPR) a must one of the best improvements on the bike Radiator Guards (Zip Ty) they work TIRES (Maxxis) these tires are awesome never a flat, bent wheels but no flats ,the carcass on these tires are tough, stock tires suck tire pressure about 16 19 was nuts, theres alot of stuff to hit. In 1200 miles in Baja only got one flat on stock tires 2 miles from the truck( dodged that bullet) TUBES(Heavy Duty) High Bend Handlebars(APPLIED) These things rule for hundreds of miles Suspension Revalved For Desert (Shock Therapy Temecula) Best improvment New Grips(Renthal Dual Compund Soft) Lasted through baja 500 Buddy Tow Strap (great if you have someone to tow you) Exhaust YZ450F Stock Silencer this really made the bike come alive and you dont need a spark arrestor in Mexico Air Filter(No Toil) Works good Hand Guards(Fast Way) They Broke JD Jet Kit 0-3000 ( this is a must if you want the bike to come alive) Storm Fuel Screw ( does the job) Zip Ty Chain Guides Rollers I seen people rolling back into Ensenada witht hese things deinegrated Regina Chain ATV O ring( Does the Job) Afam Sprockets 15/ 45 worked great for going scary fast good in twisties Zipt Ty Magnetic drain plug ( a lil insurance) Frame guards (works conn.) These cover the rear master cylinder Fastway Foot Pegs( these things work great for long rides) Zipt TY Shark Fin ( insurance) Stock Clutch made it 1200 in Baja Something that will hold at least 3 litres of water( water is the most important thing) Sucking water out of cactuses isnt that bad after you get used to it, good for the lips. Some kind of food. (when your out of water and gas at least you have something to eat) A lighter-matches suck cigarettes- these are great to have when you run out of gas and water and have to sleep on the floor, if you have smokes then you have a lighter, so then you can start a fire and stay warm, nothing like having a smoke lying on your chest protector next to the fire, listening to your buddy in shock moaning like a dying animal with a twisted leg and dehydrated. GPS is a good thing it tells you that you exactly how far you are stranded from the main highway. Ham Radio Completely worthless Satelite Phone would be nice Cell Phone worthless I would recomend a pair of tie downs sounds lame, but after you slept in the dirt wake up in the morning and start pushing for a couple of miles in the sun and your buddy is threatening to drink his pee and telling you dude im really gonna drink my pee, and you beg him not to and the local guy pulls up in a truck and give you a lift to the local pemex and he's driving like he's racing the baja 1000 with 2 americans in the back of his truck with 2 motorcyles that are not tied down, really sucks more than carrying 2 tie downs. Tools are good to have in a fanny pack All the protective gear you can stand hanging off you body ( stuff just jumps out at you bushes, trees, rocks, snakes, not to mention crashing. The one flat was the only mechanical failure on the bike, i wouldnt want anyother bike out there, so fun nimble when you need it and fun when your going fast. I love Baja, a very spiritual adventure. Wish List Dual HID Headlight( Baja Designs) Headlight Wiring Kit (Baja Designs) High Output Stator 220W (Electrex) LED Tail Light Hand Guards (Cycra) Yosh Racing Exhaust Zip Ty Magnetic Dipstick Zip Ty Magnetic carb Float bowl plug Zip Ty Petcock Knob