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    keithsburg harescrambles

    yea hopefully you get it by the 9th... what class you ride?? i think i remember you from a few races at wfo maybe idk for sure..

    keithsburg harescrambles

    yea ends up i got 3rd not 2nd i got confused for a second lol but yea i coulda woulda shoulda had the holeshot but for some reason i didnt see you out there wwt?? where were ya??

    keithsburg harescrambles

    that was actually pretty fun race i had a blast except for when i had the holeshot and then decided i should just wad it up in front of everyone! o well i caught up and got second in the open A class pretty decent day!

    Mt.Pleasant H-S #2

    yea YZ you should move up then you can race with me. and you too Bungle!

    Mt.Pleasant H-S #2

    yea that looked like a fun race wish i coulda rode it. i think it was hotter watchin than riding. you guys were riding good. good news though the doctor ordered my CTI knee braces today so looks like i might be back in time for atalissa. and as for those slow A riders...im one of those dont talk bad about them lol

    Mt. Pleasant HS

    yea the schedule has been put up since the begining of the year and people make their plans around that. im not saying go there and tear the land up but give people more than a week notice. my best friend is leading the points for everything and he already has made arrangments to go up and watch RC its just screwed up that they can't find anyother time but next weekend!

    Mt. Pleasant HS

    yea i feel for ya thats BULL:censored: we only drove like 45 min then it doesnt even rain the rest of the day there. screw that, these guys need to learn what they are doing, i help put on a race and we would never do something that stupid. yea and to reschedule for the next weekend, well we got plans and cant change them wtf??? something needs to be done about it. make it non points or something.

    Mt. Pleasant HS

    Wow what a great race! NOT its real sweet that they decided to cancel at 8 this morning because "it's gunna rain" hmmmm sun is shining here and at the track, that right there is most of the reason that D22 is falling apart and nobody is racing there. it makes me appreciate WFO you never have to worry if they will cancel because they dont rain or shine. The same club held the Keithsburg race this year that they didnt cancel and nobody could even get to it because the roads were so icy, and now they cancel because its gunna rain. And worse off they try and reschedule it for next weekend, next weekend is millville rickys last race. idk its getting pretty bad they call them dirt bikes for a reason.

    Going to Hale H.S. ( Iowa ) ?

    I'll be there watching

    colona harescramble

    Well Im alive lol that race was fun i was leading the Open A and running in the top 10 overall...it started out great i got 5th in the holeshot right behind Ryan Lenth and Dan Burgard and it was about an hour and 10 min into when i hit that damn log lol it threw me pretty good..but doc says im done for the season so this really sucks im so bored i cant go do anything...cant wait for the stupid scope tomorrow cuz i want to hurry and get on the road to recovery...good ride guys sounds like most did pretty well.

    D-17 K-burg HS

    Yea the race was a blast! after i got rid of the arm pump which took 45 to go away then i could actually ride. only crashed twice and they were just little lay overs ended up getting 7th in the open A...went back and forth with my dad until my arm pump went away and then i left him lol


    Hey im going to be going to Keithsburg tomarrow around 11:00 so ne body want to show up...

    How'd everyone do at E. Moline HS?

    It was a fun race except for the heat. I had to pull out one of my "secret" moves to get by Bungle on the start haha, I ended up riding close to 2 hrs. &%$#@!??? it was supposed to be an Hour and a half race. other than all my water in my drink system leaking out on parade lap it was a good day I got 2nd in 200B class.

    Kahoka - National harescrambles

    whoops i just looked and he got 7th instead of 8th my bad and no he didnt get a big tank yet we had to gas him twice.

    Kahoka - National harescrambles

    Just got back from the national i didnt race jus watched, it was PERFECT there wasnt much mid bit yet it wasn't dusty lots of fast guys but only about half as many people there as normal. Robbie Jenks won and Nathan Kanney got 2nd ....zack got 8th overall but had a front flat tire for the last part of it, it was a fun lookin race wish i would have rode!!