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  1. chevyhunter450

    Engine Stuttering at steady throttle

    i have the same problem and my friends have three other rmz 450 and they do the same thing we have all tried to get rid of it and we have ran into a wall so if you figure out a way good luck and let me know how it come out. but i think it is a factory thing i know it pisses you/us off.
  2. chevyhunter450

    fuel consumption?

    it is probably that you ride harder i have an o6 450 and my buddy has an 05 450 both rmz of course he is a lot more of an aggressive rider than i am. an he uses about a half tank more than i do so i think it is all in how you ride try running Around in a high gear and not gasing it much and i bet you get good mileage
  3. chevyhunter450

    HOW- Clean black scuffs off boots?!

    wd 40 works great on that and spray entire bike and mud comes off great too
  4. chevyhunter450

    07 Crf250r .... ?

    you would not need a battery the are battery less efi systems meaning the have a cylinode and a magneto on the crank acts kinda like an alternator when starting first kick would charge system second kick would deliver flue and spark and third kick it would start
  5. chevyhunter450

    what the

    the only thing the valves can hit on the bottom side of the valve is the piston if they did that the bike would not run after about 3-4 second of doing that and the other thing they are going to hit on the top side is the valve is the cam witch the are mint to ride on that is what make you motor breath in and out so to speak... any ways what i am getting at is you valve tolerances are probably to loose check you clearance like the above posts you mechanic i think is trying to F$$K you.
  6. chevyhunter450

    timing chain tension

    whear did you find the cams i have looked for three mounth to find some and no one has them. whear. and how much. do you like them.
  7. chevyhunter450

    hard to start/need help

    I have a 06 450 all i do is turn the fuel on of corse, pull choke blip the throttle to full throttle three time and kick it, starts second kick every time. when it hot and you are starting don't give it any gas or you will flood it
  8. chevyhunter450

    miles with stock tank?

    went riding 2-3 week ago at the dunes in sand and any wear else i go for that matter i am pinned we went about 29 miles round trip when we were at the truck to gas up i looked and i was running on fumes their was not a 1/2 mile left in the tank. The 450's definitely suck the gas when your on em
  9. chevyhunter450

    acelerator cover

    i had to tear off my sub frame to make easier access to the bottom of the carb. i believe their is three bolts on the bottom of Carb holding the accelerator pump cover on take those out slap the new one in i did not have to adjust anything i left all linkages and hoses hoked just pulled it off of intake simple one hour install with stop every ten minuets for beer brake
  10. chevyhunter450

    What to do?!?!

    awesome handling is always better that a lot of power and a cool sound but power is nice too the choice is up to you i would rather be abil to go five wide thought a whoop section and be smooth then go forth half throttle and be all crossed up just an example
  11. chevyhunter450


    what happened to you too piss you off so much
  12. chevyhunter450

    Triple clamp......

    try ebay it is a long shot but it is worth a try
  13. chevyhunter450

    06' KX or 06' RMZ?

    attention my good riding buddy just bought a KXF 450 he has about 8-12 hours on it and the crank bearing went out and we also suspect the oil pump quit due to the excessive amount of wear on the cam and cylinder wall. .............. i own an RMZ 450 '06 it is nothing but a dream to ride no problems at all timing chain still tight after 25-30 hours an it of fairly hard riding RMZ all the way baby
  14. chevyhunter450

    acelerator cover

    i recently bought the boysen accelerator pump cover i was the best $75 bucks i ever spent it took all the bog out of my '06 RMZ 450 it was really amazing how much it really helped just thought i would share the info
  15. chevyhunter450

    06 RMZ450 oil change

    it is 1.5L with New Oil filter and 1.3 with oil filter change