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  1. Clouds of Dust

    Flat Rear Tyre on 07 klx 250. Please Help.

    Thanks to all that responded to my questions. I have removed the wheel and had a new tube and liner put back in. It appears that I had a puncture at some stage and then rolled the tyre on the rim and ripped the valve stem off. Thanks for the help and advice. Kev.
  2. Clouds of Dust

    Flat Rear Tyre on 07 klx 250. Please Help.

    Hi again. I have had a closer look and it appears that the tube stem has ripped clean off the tube. I assume this has happened because the rim lock bolt has parted company at some stage. What's my next move now. Thanks for the previous advice guys. I now think I know why the tyre is down. Regards Kev.
  3. Hi all. I am new to the bike repair game and certainly need some help. I have just gone to the shed to get the bike out and found the rear tyre to be very flat i.e. almost off the rim. First thought was a puncture, but when I put the air compressor on, the air just rushes out around the rim. After a closer inspection, there is a round hole in the rim with nothing in it. The valve stem is in place however. Can someone please tell me what has happened? Is it a missing rim lock stem? Can I fix it or do I need help? Please help. Thanks Kev.
  4. Clouds of Dust

    KTM 450 For Sand Riding

    I need some input from the KTM riders who use their bikes in sand. On a recent surf fishing trip whilst standing with the rod, a number of riders on KTM's came ripping up the beach at a great rate of knots. It looked great. As an offroad rider with a small DRZ and a KLX which I am sure would not have the grunt for this sort of work, I need to get some info from the KTM group on which bike would be best suited for this work. Hope you can help. Thanks, Kev.
  5. Clouds of Dust

    klx 110 Owners Manual

    Hi all, I have recently purchased a secondhand 2004 klx 110 for my 10 year old, but it came without the owners manual. Does anyone know where I can chase up a replacement. Thanks heaps, Kev.
  6. Clouds of Dust

    Valve Clearances for DR-Z125L K5

    wOOht, Thanks for the reply, I know where to start now. Have a nice day. Kev.
  7. Clouds of Dust

    Valve Clearances for DR-Z125L K5

    Hi All, I have completed a search of past discussions and noted valve clearances listed for this bike as .005 Intake and .007 Exhaust. Would someone please let me know if these settings are adjusted when the motor is hot or cold. Secondly, are they checked like other four strokes when the piston is at Top Dead Centre. Thirdly, how do I know which one is the intake valve and which is the exhaust valve. Thanks for your understanding guys, I'm new to the motorbike mechanic scene. Regards, Kev.