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  1. quadrider

    Raptor 660 Info

    Don't know if I'm allowed to do this, but Bluetraxx.com is a great site for info on the 660. There are many companies out there offering upgrades for that motor like Kenz Cycle Tech, Craycraft, Trinity, Alba and so on. Head on over there for all the info you'll ever need.
  2. quadrider

    Buying 04 250F, have ?'s

    Ok, I don't know what the heck you're talking about with the forks. This thing is not going to be raced, just trails and a back yard track. I feel that the 04 is fine for me for what I'm going to be doing. And basically go over like I would a used quad, sounds easy enough.
  3. I'm gonna be buying an 04 in the next month or so, and was wondering what to look out for. I am going to be jumping from an 05 Raptor 660 to this bike. I've never owned a bike before, but I have ridden my fair share. Ridden everything from an older CR125 to an XR600 to an 03 CRF450. I spent the most time by far on the 125, so I'm somewhat used to the bikes. I have decided that the 250F is the one for me. Anything to look for with these bikes? And common problems I should know about? I know the original owner and maintenance history. It was raced a couple of times, but nothing too bad. Please help me in my transition to two wheels. Thanks in adance.