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  1. i am a fairly novice, 40 year old rider with an 06 wr450 all free mods and rejetted. 1) if i take my bike to a track, will it be able to hang, given that i most likely will not push it's limits too hard? 2) are there tracks in so cal that a novice rider can access without all of the experienced riders blowing past me all the time? I have put about 500 miles on the bike since i bought it. mostly fire roads and some technical riding. I am dieing to try the track... I've got the fever...
  2. it is terrific. 1) with the free mods, a rejet and the silent insert, the bike has crazy power. i suspect that there are few of us that could actually use / need more power. 2) the other great thing is that the bike is very quiet. my bro has a honda with the ti powercore and it is very loud. my yamaha hauls butt and is quiet about it...
  3. kenmcl

    oil change

    the manual says to loosen one of the bolts directly above the oil filter, start the bike and wait for a max of one minute to see oil begin to ooze from the loosened bolt. This is done to confirm that the new oil after the change is circulating properly. Once oil is seen, turn off bike, tighten and the oil change is complete. from memory, there are two small bolts, it is the one to the left...check with the manual for the diagram...
  4. kenmcl

    Exhaust plug

    i had the exact problem...i even bought new clamps at home depot b/c i overtorqued the one from the kit. yesterday, i rode 50 rough miles and it did not come off..very happy about that. It must not be very be very high pressure but i have ordered the TT kit to replace the "way too loose" cap.
  5. kenmcl

    2005 vs 2006 WR450

    i'm in california and i believe that the 06's models are green sticker compliant and the 05 was not...this may be moot to you though depending on where you live. green sticker allows you to ride in off road areas year round, etc here in CA.
  6. kenmcl

    Did all mods and rejetted,...but:

    i purchased a new clamp at home depot...same result. I did notice a graphite like film on the exhaust port. I will put some gas on a rag, wipe it down and try the original clamp that was on the exhaust port. Thanks everyone for your feedback. I will post one more time and let you know how i did. ++++++++++++++++ also, i can't resist....wow, my bike is fast now. one afternoon and about $140 worth of parts and it is a whole new animal. if you have not done this stuff, it only takes an afternoon and frankly, it is not very difficult. It is one of those projects that, if you had to do it again, would only take 30% of the time...ken.
  7. kenmcl

    Did all mods and rejetted,...but:

    i am using yamaha's ais kit. i said "plug", but i really meant "cap" which comes with the kit. The cap and a silver colored gasket/sleeve slide onto the exhaust port, then a collar clamp is supposed to keep it in place... the bike runs with it on, i am just concerned that it will blow off b/c the clamp does not keep it on very firmly...ie> i can twist the cap and pull it off with a little force when the clamp is as tight as i can get it.
  8. First i would like to say, WOW! Yesterday, i did all the free mods, AIS, promoto-billet, zip-ty and rejetted by carb with the jd kit / pilot. The bike is an absolute rocket now. The power increase was way greater than my expectations....awesome!! But, i have potential problem with the AIS removal kit...the AIS exhaust plug does not clamp down tight...let me explain... i put it on and it was snug and tight...then i took it off wanting to make sure that it was perfectly installed...but this time, regardless of how tight i make the clamp or where the clamp is on the plug, i can still spin it or pull it off with a little force. It is like there is a graphite film on the exhaust port. I even went to home depot and bought another clamp. same result. questions: 1) does that exhaust port blow a lot of pressure and will i likely lose the plug if i ride? 2) Has anyone else experienced the same thing? 3) Any suggestions to fix my problem...ie> heat tolerant "glue" or something like that. I have read that some have threaded the pipe and put a screw cap on, but that is way beyond my mechanical abilities. 4) WHat happens if it comes off during a ride? any feedback is welcomed. thanks. ken.
  9. kenmcl

    Radiator braces or Guards or both?

    unibiker...premium product. easy to install, looks cool and the radiators are protected like fort knox...and no, i do not work for the company.
  10. kenmcl

    Which GPS?

    what hands free equipment do you use?
  11. kenmcl

    Is it ok to flame a dealer that stinks?

    touche on the "spark comment". Having cooled off a bit, i have decided that it is not worth the risk of sparring with a horrible dealer that i suspect would relish an opportunity to sue someone. I will share that it takes alot to piss me off and the fact that i won't shop there again is all anyone should have to hear.
  12. kenmcl

    Is it ok to flame a dealer that stinks?

    Suffice it to say that i will never purchase anything from Fun Bike Center in San diego again. I have a hard time understanding how the nations largest motorcycle showroom stays in business with the level of customer service that i have experienced.
  13. I have had a repeatedly horrible customer service experience with my dealer and i want to share with everyone how much they suck and who they are. Is it cool to do so?
  14. kenmcl

    06 WR450 Exhaust

    so to clarify.... you left the stock spark arrestor in the pipe and bolted on a noise suppressor? I ask b/c on their www site, the only 60$ is a silencer only (bolt on) thanks, ken
  15. kenmcl

    red hot??

    I suspect that this will be a silly question to most but.. I have a brand new WR 450 and tonight i started it in the dark...the pipe became instantly red hot...is that normal?