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  1. went to jawbone and rode over to dove springs on saturday.It was a nice little ride good weather to .
  2. I had some and it sucked your better off with the oem stuff fits perfect.
  3. I lost one of those shroud washers too and had to make one .
  4. The pipe improves power and its jetted with a jd jetting kit .Im happy with it I just put a power bomb header on it to and I felt a improvement with that as well.
  5. Yeah it's a powercore.
  6. Check your grounds .....
  7. JEGS has it .
  8. Come on people don't make it a racial thing , Stupid people come in all races . I hate gorman and always thought of it as a dangerous place to ride.
  9. My 06 did the same thing and is still leaking .
  10. I think they all do it i know mine did anyway.I made a little gaurd out of some teflon works great so far.
  11. with that temp shouldn't you be running the red needle.I just rejet my bike for hot weather it ran perfect no bog no hesitation im in cali riding in the desert.
  12. Soldered my leak jet closed best thing i ever did bike runs great.
  13. I had one of those mini vents on my bike as well.I noticed on a hot day that the tank would hold a lot of pressure.Testing the vent it didn't vent very well so I went back to the stock one when it would hold pressure I could smell gas and the bike ran differant .
  14. I had a 04 yz pipe on my 06 wr fit perfect.