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  1. GYT-R_Done

    Huntsville, AL ATV/Dirt Bike Rental???

    I will be making a short trip to Huntsville, AL soon and am wondering if any one jnows a place around there that rents ATV or Dirt Bikes
  2. Gonna upgrade my WR to a stock YZ exhaust. Looking for a good deal. Anybody got one they want to get rid of?
  3. GYT-R_Done

    Looking for a kickstarter

    Yup same deal at mx generation.com , E-bay has one where the auction ends in 7 days. I was kinda hoping that someone had one lying around they wanted to unload cheap.
  4. I snapped my kick start lever in half on my 2002 WR250F. Anybody got one for sale or know where I can get one? All the OEM parts sellers say they cant break up the part kit for 5NL-15620-00-00, which is the whole assembly and costs $130 to $150 bucks. All I need is the lever. BBR makes an after market which I think is like $180. It is shorter and cnc'd, but I aint forking out that kinda dough.
  5. GYT-R_Done

    KX65-Smooth out power band?

    Looks like my boys '06 came with digital ignition. Says it remapps it'self at different points in the powerband for improved performance. Looks like he'll be getting flywheel weight.
  6. GYT-R_Done

    KX65-Smooth out power band?

    Is there any way to smooth out the power band in a KX65? Perferably temporary until my boy gets a better feel for the bike, and then unleash it. Because the powerband is so responsive at the top end he doesn't ride it pinged out like he should. I'd like to "borrow" some of the top end and give it to the mid. Thinking the power now might help with this. Any thought? BTW it is a stock '06
  7. GYT-R_Done

    Need a YZ85 video

    Don't get me wrong the PW80 he's got has got some pull. It's only got 3 gears vs the 6 of a YZ85 so it is not as explosive on the powerband. I'm 235 pounds and gps'd it at 43 mph with me on it before boring it out twice over, new rings, piston... He weighs in at 65 lbs so he can get moving it pretty good. It just a different animal in my opinion. Also I'm not trying to scare him, just have him be honest with himself. The kids got balls. I saw got headlong into a pine tree, bike went one way he went the other. After the adreniline slowed down he got right back on it. He seems to have some natural talent and wants to try racing. I'm the kinda dad that's behind him all the way. He played football last year, 65lber in an 85 lb leauge. He dished it out as well as he took it. I want him to have the right stuff mind, body, spirit, and bike to keep him competitive. I think if he gets the better bike the rest is already inside him. Any other suggestions for a good entry level MX bike for this kinda kid.... I'm open to suggestions.......
  8. GYT-R_Done

    Need a YZ85 video

    I have searched unsuccessfully for a video of a YZ85 in action. My son is thinking about moving up to one from a PW80. He has no idea what I'm trying to tell him about the power difference. I'm looking at maybe a larger four stroke, but in an MX package. Since I a die hard Yammy guy and don't want to get him a TTR, I'm looking at going ahead and putting him on the YZ85 2 stroke. I'll probably wait until next year to do it. I just put the X-tender lift kit on his PW80 in hopes of making it better for him. He is 10 BTW and is not as experienced as he thinks he is. I want to show what he's in for if he goes that route. Anybody got any YZ85 vids??
  9. GYT-R_Done

    New 250f?

    You get that a lot on this site. Since there are so many post from so many riders from around the world just about anything ever asked has been answered. That's why they tell you to use the search the forum feature before posting. In a way I dig it, but being fairly new to the site myself I enjoy being an active part of the process. I can search the internet all day get the info I need without ever coming to Thumper Talk. I like interacting with the other riders and feel like I'm part of something greater than a search engine. As to your question, I ride a WR250F and can tell you that the power is there and the handling is awesome. But it's the only "real" bike I've owned/ridden and I have no personal basis for comparison. Also my idea of great handling might differ from others as I a just hit my first MX track last week (which was an awesome experience by the way) and mostly ride trails with my son. I hope I have been completly unhelpful but friendly. Don't worry, somebody will come along with the info you need. Welcome to Thumper Talk !!!!
  10. GYT-R_Done

    250 4 strokes

    2002 WR250F I absolutly LOVE IT
  11. Keep looking local. I got real lucky and found an 2002 WR250F at the dealer. 95 miles on it, showroom condition. $2,800 out the door. I think they just wanted rid of it. It was listed for $3,800. I thoguht something might have been wrong with it, but it has run like beast. I love my thumper
  12. GYT-R_Done

    Anyone got a PW80 Spark arrestor?

    BTTT. Anyone got an extra?
  13. I been pondering my options refering to my suspension latley. I weigh anywhere from 220-235 pounds depending on the time of year. I have been looking at replacing my stock springs on my 2002 WR250f to the correct ones for my weight (still taking suggestions on that). Are there any suggestions for valves, and how much better over the stock Kayaba? My son (10) and I have recently gotten off the trail and onto the track. I see this trend continuing so I think it's time to re-tune my suspension.
  14. Looking for a 2001 PW80 spark arrestor slip on. My sons got damaged and I am looking for a replacment.
  15. GYT-R_Done

    XR80...Good entry level MX bike?