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  1. You need to select a shutter speed of atleast 125, preferably 1/250th of a second or faster, depending on how far from the subject. I hope this helps. the ancient one
  2. ancient one

    Little More Power

    Yep1 Jet it and ride it!
  3. ancient one

    Removing stock air filter on a 06 CRF150

    Thankyou, upinsmoke, That worked like a charm, it is so easy when you do it RIGHT! Thanks again , Yoda
  4. ancient one

    Removing stock air filter on a 06 CRF150

    It looks like the basket is cemented to the foam rubber on the outside of the filter?
  5. I have tried to put a No Toil filer in my 06 CRF150. I am having a problem removing the plastic basket in the stock filter to apply to the No Toil filter and I connot remove it. It does not screw out and it appears to be cemented to the foam rubber. Can anyone help with thei problem/ Thanks, Yoda
  6. ancient one

    Any good northeast usa MX schools?

    Rich Rogers School is in Brocktom Massachusetts. Here is his web page URL http://www.richrogersmx.com/links.htm
  7. ancient one

    Sticky: Jetting the 230F (Power-up Kit)

    What does the snorkel look like?