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  1. Does anyone know the valve clearences for a takagawa r stage race head.
  2. Nickman

    need suspension for z50

    erm you can get elka shocks for the back which run with oil and work great...you can put any forks on the front but you have to change the front wheel,, i used to have a z50 its always a bit of a compromise
  3. Nickman

    2003 Xr 70 Sputtering Problem?

    make sure that the spark plug cap is tight and all the wiring is squezzed to the different points
  4. Too right there is absolutely nothing wrong with a bbr kit they are all pretty much the same... you cant say that one is far better than the other its just personal preference... i would say hd springs is all you need for a whyle you can have hours of fun on a near stock bike...
  5. hi i have a takagawa 88 Superhead + R Cylinder Head and was wondering if anyone knew the exact valve cleareances for it Thanks alot Nick:bonk:
  6. Nickman

    Cracked frame!!!

    Dont bother with welding it i have the same problem and i welded it. next thing i knew it was cracking in more different places get a trick cromoly one
  7. Nickman

    Strange numbers

    thanks alot mate that clears alot up for me thanks...!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. i have been lokking at parts for my CRF50 and am wondering what 6V and 12V means anybody have any ideas. Thanks alot
  9. HI i have recently been running my crf50 with a 88 head and barrel that i got from 50caliberracing.com my bike has been blowing out alot of blue smoke and am wondering if the rings have gon also where i can get a new piston rings and gaskets. also i have reset the valve clearence's the inlet valve was very tight i havent had a chance to run it yet but could this be the problem Thanks alot Nick
  10. Nickman

    oil pump hole

    i bought a high flow oil pump but didnt drill out the hole in the casing will this be a problem and will the oil pump still work. Thanks alot NICK
  11. hi right i was riding my crf 50 on my freestyle ramp its about 6 foot high and has a 15foot gap with a nice big dirt landing. done it hundreds of times but today i hit it and landed smooth but the back end of my bike collapsed. it snapped the top of the rod on my i shock resi which sent the rest of the shock into my seat and destroyed it. i only weigh 6 and a half stone and am 15 years old. just wondering if this is a common thing to happen cause it had me puzzled thanks alot NICK
  12. thanks alot for the advice......... ive got an oil pump on order thanks NICK
  13. I have recently bought a 88cc bore up kit with a head and barrel i have it running well but when it hot it burbles abit do i need a oil cooler and if i do is it essential to buy a high flow oil pump???? and if so where can i get a gasket set for an 88 kit because when replacing the oil pump i heared that you need to drill out the hole!!!!! ANY IDEAS Thanks
  14. wats onnn, yeah i just heard that you can drill out your flywheel on crf 50 i was thinking of doing it. i heard that it will make your bike pick up faster and drop faster. i just want to know what it would do and how to do it. if you have any ideas i would like to hear them thanks alot NICK
  15. Nickman

    making a stock 50 faster

    I would reccomend taking off the head and fileing out the ports abit i did it on my 50 and found it made a big difference and its legal ........................and i bet the littl kid has a kitaco 75 bore it says 49cc