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  1. I was there (Hint) I know how the game works, especially with a snotty little smurf thats ranked in D36. Sad that grown men need so much puffing up But Bob Is still my hero I like BigBob, I also like to tease him (2nd Hint)
  2. not even close lilwillie, but you do know me and your still a schmuk for cheating kids out of trophies
  3. The only poser is you cheating kids to get bob a win what a schmuky smurf you are Oh BTW Dominic
  4. You guys got it all wrong, BigBob is my hero, yzwillie you should know that one you silly little smurf. We both ride with bob I just want BigBob to know that the NewB4Bob fan club is going to start, Bob is legendary, no other person in the world has the carona's to brag about winning races for kids, and woman (fat women on quads at that) that takes BigBobs if you ask me. Plus BigBob is like that Black Belt guy accept bob dont fall down and break his legs chasing snakes, he has the moves of a ninja like that guy in beverlyhills ninja
  5. LilBoob

    Empty perfect georgetown tomorrow tuesday 1/24

    I will go can I ride on your minute, I here thats what you do to win kiddie races
  6. LilBoob

    Unofficial, Uninsured, Unorganized WCTTR 06

    BigBob your so funny, I will be there I will follow you every place, you are as quick as a cat and as smooth as diahrea when you ride. You are the Malcom Smith of your time, I am going to start a myspace Mybob hero site in your honor.
  7. BigBob is my hero, I am going to race against him, I have a 65cc bike and I am fast but not as fast as My hero. Taking 1st place in a kiddie race is a big accomplichment for a old guy like bob, but Bob is faster then all of you and Bob is the best. I like it most when he hates women openly, I dont like women either and man it cracks me up when BigBob talks like a bigot. ya BigBob is my hero, I can not wait to line up with him in the Kiddie class, I hope to be as Big as The Ol Blow Hole himself thinks he is, Hey Bob Your an inspiration to allus white guys