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  1. +1... I use a long flat faced punch from the opposite side. Hit the spacer on top then bottom then top....back and forth a few times.
  2. odonnks

    Service recall

    I received this letter today. Anyone else?
  3. odonnks

    flame out remedy

    I cant flame out my 390 if I try. Its running the comp map and recently installed Rekluse pro. This is my first EFI dirt bike and so far I'm impressed at how well it runs and does not stall. FWIW i often went through allot of mods to get a carb bike close, but not quite as un-stallable as this.
  4. odonnks

    Race footage

    The sound is a little off sync but still good to watch. http://www.youtube.com/user/waylon825
  5. odonnks

    track pics

    Part of my 6 mile private off road loop.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uL7C2PoYXw
  7. odonnks

    Throttle tube

    Love the G2.....
  8. odonnks

    SXS Wave Seat or Factory Step Up Seat?

    I've had a few brands of step seats. Of them the SDG was top notch. KTM's were OK. They work great to keep you positioned during long off road races when you get tired. But, a step seat will shorten the distance between the seat and pegs by 1 inch or more. Depending on your height that one inch could make going from the seated to standing position a bit tougher. In a long race or ride this will take a toll. While seated in a step seat taller riders will find it harder slide their leg off the peg because they'll be too scrunched (short distance from seat to peg) Being 6'1" I found after running step seats for a few years I actually preferred the bump or wave seat in order to keep the seat to peg distance a little longer.
  9. odonnks

    Plastic idle screw?!?! Need brass!

    Every KTM and Yamaha 2-stroke I've ever had or seen has a plastic Idle screw. It actually lifts the slide higher when its turned. Therefore, when turning it open the throttle a tad to reduce the effort needed to turn it.
  10. odonnks

    200xcw or 250xc...

    Here's a similar question posed on KTMTalk http://ktmtalk.com/index.php?showtopic=440072 Check it out...
  11. odonnks

    TE300 Lights?

    The US version does not come with lights. The harness is there and its plug and play.
  12. odonnks

    200xcw or 250xc...

    It's still a matter of the terrain you ride. When a rider can run his preferred trails at 3/4 plus throttle he's ready for more displacement. I constantly tell the younger riders I ride with that they don't need that 450 or 300. It'll make then lazy and on 5-6 hr rides in my terrain that size bike will tire them too soon. It took me many many years and lots of bikes to learn this. Will I have other bikes in the future? Yes, I like to experiment. But there will always be a 200 as a first choice. There are guys on 125's who will toast riders on 450's in MX. There are also 450 riders that will toast smaller 2-strokes in tight woods. But, on my terrain I'll stack a 200 against any bike of any mfg. Again, you need to consider what you plan to ride with the bike you choose.
  13. odonnks

    200xcw or 250xc...

    I've had pretty much all the KTM offroad offerings. 2 and 4 stroke from 200 cc to 500+ You need to consider the riding you want to do. For me its the tightest and roughest type of goat trail I can find. I actually started some years ago on KTM 300's because I was trying to match the bike to what I was coming off of. (CRF450R). Since then I has a few more 300's 250's (2 and 4 stroke), 450's 520's. One day I went to buy tires and bought a new 200 XCW instead. Never considered on before because I thought it wouldn't have he power but the price was right. My previous bikes were luggers and crawlers in tighter riding and could wear on you on a 5 hr ride. You rarely opened them up. The 200 took a bit to learn how to ride. While it is tough to stall you open it up more. That's where its a blast to ride. On my type of trails there are sections you can ride on the pipe where the 250 and 300 would really get out of shape if i tried. Feb 2011 I purchased a new "11" 250 XC because I wanted to try the latest frame. While it turned great it was no where near as fun as my super light 200. Sold that 250 after 4 rides. The weight really is noticeable too. A friend who rides a 250F recently took his first ride on a 200 and was shocked. He heard and read about its feel but could not believe how light it actually felt. For my local scrambles is a good bike. It requires shifting more often to keep it in the power but it handles everything well. It'll always be my first choice. FWIW I weigh 208 with gear.
  14. odonnks

    wjere to find,new left overs??

    Check with Fivestarcycle.com/Husaberg 814-763-2453