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  1. cpitts118

    Rocket Exhaust

    i had one on my bike for a couple years and loved it. held up real good even with a few good crash's. just change the packing as needed and should hold up great.
  2. Need the cylinder head torque and the nut that holds the flywheel on if anyone can help. Thanks
  3. cpitts118

    Thinking of buying a 2011 rmz250, but weigh 190lbs?

    i raced last year on a 250 and thought i need to move up to a 450 and i did now i wish i had the 250 again. im on a 08 crf450. maybe i need to look into a newer 450 also
  4. cpitts118

    Thinking of buying a 2011 rmz250, but weigh 190lbs?

    ok cool. i had a crf250 a while back that had a high comp piston, full exhaust, head work, and suspenion work. it was the funnest bike to ride, i plan on doing the same mods to the rmz
  5. Im wondering if it will pull me good enough? i ride a crf450 now but want to move down. a 450 is too much for arenacross for me
  6. cpitts118

    Where do you ride in Georgia?

    i live in dawsonville and i am always looking for people to ride with
  7. i just got a 04 250 for free and im rebuilding the whole bike and was thiking of putting duel exhaust on it. what will it take?
  8. thinking of using there services, just wondering if they are a good company
  9. cpitts118

    Pics of Your 450....

    baught it new a month ago
  10. just wondering if anyone has any advice?
  11. cpitts118

    "The Haven" in Georgia !

    the track was called rollin haven, but it closed down a couple years ago. i think its a private track now. it was nicknamed rut haven cause the ruts would get so deep there. one of the best tracks in ga but to bad its no longer open
  12. cpitts118

    orlando(central florida areas to ride)

    there is a place in orange city. I-4 north, exit 111b, follow till dead end, turn right. its the only road between a storage place and u-haul on the left. you will have to make a u-turn to get to it. follow it till it ends at a huge radio tower and unload.
  13. cpitts118

    Riders in GA

    i live in dawosonville also
  14. cpitts118

    Arenacross sprocket size???

    i plan on racing some arenacross this winter and was wondering what would be a good sprocket combo? i run a 13-52 now, i know i need more on the bottom end for the tight tracks.
  15. cpitts118

    Orlando area beginner

    if you ride to the back there is a sand pit and sand hills to ride, there is a lot of stuff to ride there. just ride around and you'll see. there is even an old golf coarse you can ride in.