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  1. Michigan

    let me know brian, I wouldn't mind riding with you guys it's been awhile............ok a long while
  2. well it's that time of the year again the end of the riding season is fast approaching but some of the best weather for getting out is upon us now. any groups or riders heading out over the next few weeks looking for a washed up woods rider to join along? I'm thinking about the mio area possibly since I haven't rode that area this year so far.
  3. Michigan

    I don't think I could make this sunday, I may have a little free time in the next couple weeks if your up for that? thread hijack ...............Are you guys planning a mio/hunt creek ride before gun season?
  4. Michigan

    +1 Ever since I got home from the ride, I keep looking at my dusty gym equipment thinking I better get my butt in gear before next year
  5. Michigan

    Thanks alot for setting up the ride yathump what a great day for a ride, even the lumber in the trail added to excitement (I think I'm more tired from getting my bike off some of those wood piles than the whoops) nice meeting everyone too, as little as I get out I'm never disapointed in the company off thumper talk
  6. Michigan

    I'm still looking to make this ride as long as nothing pops up today, Ill be on the road at 6:15 am tomorrow
  7. Michigan

    I've got my foot about half way in the door as of right now, where are you going to stage from?
  8. Michigan

    I might be able to make it for a day ride. what time do you plan on hitting the trail?
  9. Michigan

    It was nice getting together for a ride with everyone. Thanks Brad !!! Maybe we can get out for another day ride before gun season.
  10. Michigan

    Brad why don't you edit your first post with all the particulars When Where Map to starting point Roll Call Etc. Hey is Rich going? it's been a few years since I had the nuclear salsa
  11. Michigan

    As long as nothing pops up between now and then, it Looks like I'm in I might bring a buddy that just started riding, I've given him fair warning about you guys and he still wants to go JK. This will be his first real single / 50" trail action. I know he's a little nervous, I assured him that he'll be fine and this is a come as you are, just for fun ride with good folks. He's riding a KLR 650, so he should do fine. It's been a few years since I got out with you guys, I'm stoked
  12. Michigan

  13. Michigan

    I missed the last couple of rides with you guys. I know I've seen the map when you guys camped up there. does anyone have it readily avalible ?
  14. Michigan

    Brad are you planing on meeting at the parking area on the south end of the mio loop ( I think it's off richardson rd by muskrat lk) ?
  15. Michigan