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  1. gaboo

    Potential 2006 WR250 pruchase

    Does the speed jump around when you are not moving? otherwise check the odo cable, mine got chaffed and did the same thing. The computer could also be in a calibration mode, read the manual first. That computer is damn complicated!
  2. gaboo

    breaking a habit/standing up

    here's another tip or two... picked it up at shane watts school. 1) From a stop- lock front tire ( no spin) , let out the clutch, and learn to drive through the front brake. Keep front locked for as long as possible, and keep bike upright and don't touch with your feet. Repeat ad nasuem.. teaches you the lock point of your fronts, balance/ handling with front locked and makes you way more comfy / understanding of that front brake and overall bike awareness . Conditions you to not make panic pulls. 2) Find a berm...Go into that berm as hot as possible, brake at the last second... repeat 1,000 times. Teaches you the max braking habits of your machine, and starts the innate sense of braking...Help to train to make it sub-conscious, automatic. I race c-vet harescrambles up in the north east and my 2 fingers never leave the clutch / brake levers the whole race...Unless i am laying on the ground!!!! I also wear out my pads 2x faster on the front than the back !
  3. gaboo

    NETRA membership help

    I would go with a heavier flyweight wheel, 10-12 oz. , most of my 2 stroke buddies are in the 10-12oz. range , you want traction and lug, not wheelspin! Especially in netra, nice and rocky, wet, slimy and rooty! Did I mention usually wet? lmao.....Kinda hard to not worry about keeping it off the pipe in a non-stop boulder field!!! LOLOL....I race a Yam WR250F (now a 290), so the stock flywheel is heavy ! Plus, heavier flywheel is a little harder to stall! I know you can also play with your powervalve to tame the hit also....
  4. gaboo

    NETRA membership help

    you need a sparky, you need to pass sound check @ 96 db's....All the info is at netra...How old are you? plenty of choices in the c-class 200,250, open, c-vet, senior.....you're bike set -up for the woods?
  5. gaboo

    Atlantic grand prix h/s questions?

    If you want close, run the atlantic g/p...if you want a little more challenging courses...try netra...You guys are spoiled in jersey with sand!!!! There are races from maine to ny...no jersey though.....I race c-vet (30-40 y.o) there's like 20 races this season!
  6. gaboo

    Atlantic grand prix h/s questions?

    nedirtbikes.com is a good one I see of alot of AMA enduros in jersey. netra.org, that's the new england area though, depends where you live in jersey and how long u want to drive. I do the whole netra hare scramble series. Try NECC racing also.
  7. gaboo

    Atlantic grand prix h/s questions?

    haven't raced any atlantics, but i hear it's a real nice series. I am wondering what is going on with them this year though, seems to be having some tree hugger / permit issues i have been reading about. I hear the courses sre pretty wide/ easier. You live close enough, try the netra series.
  8. gaboo

    Arizona Trails

    First off... Moto suspension does not work in boulders! Turn the compression down and slow that re-bound down( ass slappers) on the front and rear suspension. Also open up that high speed damping adjuster on the rear shock all the way! Trust me, I live and race in new england!! Those rocks you describe, up here they are The whole trail, and they are all loose and wet, not to mention all the tree roots and blow downs....Did i mention the rocks? lmao... You must stand through those rocks, let the suspension do it's job...Clutch control IS way important...learn where that traction point is, because anything more than traction (i.e. wheelspin) on those rocks and you lose it! I also never use first gear! 2nd gear through the rocks, speed is your friend in the rocks...NEVER use first! When standing grip bike with knees, loosen grip on handlebar...let bike move under you , keeping control with your knees. Some things to work on....Guys from new england and the North pacific generally are the most technical riders out there(as we share some very similar terrain) !
  9. gaboo


    I run a 13 / 53 combo on my wr250f (290 kit) I never have to use first(hate that gear!) and never have to clutch it in the rocks, woods. Ride in new england so it's not so loamy! I wanted to be able to pull 3rd more in the woods instead of wringing out 2nd all the time. Came stock with a 13/ 52. One tooth makes a real difference! Best to experiment, for what works for you... My friend has a KTM 400 and he runs the same gearing....He said he loves the gearing also.
  10. gaboo

    Who's doing the Thomaston Dam 6/22 HS?

    I guess i'll see you there!!
  11. gaboo

    Who's doing the Thomaston Dam 6/22 HS?

    yeah, the hill is always fun to watch....Just have to have a really good throttle hand and no lower than 2nd gear, with some speed.....I assume you will be racing it this year? Next year, though you go to the womens class, no?
  12. gaboo

    Who's doing the Thomaston Dam 6/22 HS?

    actually the first race is this weekend in maine..... I will be working the boneyard as MMC is my club. I worked the last boneyard, was at the nasty rocky uphill just after the bridge. Walked in with another member perhaps you saw us, or we may have helped you out. You are racing the jrs. class I take it. When you gonna start running the adult scrambles?
  13. gaboo

    Who's doing the Thomaston Dam 6/22 HS?

    the damn race is late in the season this year(09) it's in september...should be nice...not soo damn hot!
  14. gaboo

    290 slipping clutch...

    Do not use kevlar! Junk..junk...junk....I had the stock clutch in for 2.5 seasons of racing , decided it was time to change it. Bought the barnett kevlar kit, all it took was 3 races and it was slipping, burnt...Pure junk! My mechanic told me he had similar problems when others had used the kevlar. Only stock is what he said....(not a dealer mechanic)...
  15. gaboo

    Flywheel weight

    The wr comes with a 13-52 combo. I just got a 53 tooth sprocket, as i race in new england also. Try it out. I like it. Use less clutch!