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  1. Cut em with a razor.....easy peazy.
  2. I just put one on my 15....fitment still sucks and you have to do some "massaging'. Fuel pump orientation seem to have been corrected.
  3. LOL...well that's not even a fair comparison as one is a race oriented bike with not only more power but way steeper gearing. I would have no real expectation of the 250L climbing anything without a gearing change. With 13/42 gearing mine will do 65 all day which is a comfortable speed for the bike anyway....
  4. Did you change the gearing? 13/42 at a minimum makes a huge difference and when i ride in the Smokey Mountains I find very little issue with climbing some steep hills when needed. That being said, if you are looking for hard core...the CRFL or WRR are NOT the right bike, hehe
  5. I would say stay away from the Acerbis tank unless you have a lot of patience. The Italians must have big hammers because NOTHING on my tank install lined up, lol. In the end it works great but it took some fitting.....
  6. Yep! I live in NW Indiana...flatter than flat, lol. Enjoy and have fun with the kids!
  7. For what you want to do the L would be just fine. I dont think it's top heavy at hides its weight well. Go to a 13 tootrh front sprocket and save for some suspension bits and you will have a fine performing, low maintenance bike that will go anywhere you want it to, even single track. It's not a race bike but it is capable of quite a bit if you are not in a hurry. You can always move up to an X if you get more serious but I think you will enjoy the 250L. I am 6' 230 and I take mine to the Smokies every year and we ride some gnarly stuff. Would it be easier on a KTM or CRF250X? Yes....but it does the job and gets me home.
  8. It's all me I am not upset, lol. I like all manner of bikes. Just posting my opinion is all, nothing more. Beers are on me....:)
  9. ALL good but again, an AT is about as far removed from a 250L as a person can get. Yes, my name suggests I am a fan of CR's and CRF's....R's, X's and yes the 250L. I like the AT....considered one at one point and I have had Adventure bikes (Tiger 800 XC, KLR 650, etc.). At the end of the day, they are Heavy touring bikes that can do some limited off road. I wouldn't be to enthused about doing single track on one, lol. To each their own and if people are good with it then so am I, lol. I will just skip page 27 of this forum cause you pretty much took up the whole thing, hehehe.
  10. What Seedy said. Believe me, I like the AT and I mean no disrespect but you should have your own sub forum. Just my .02
  11. Isn't this a CRF250L forum, lol? Sheesh!
  12. I just did this for my Speedo Healer install.. I just zip tied my phone to the handlebars cross pad, opened up waze and checked Waze at 60mph versus my speedo. Go back home, do the calculation and set your speedo healer. Done!
  13. Just installed a racetech shock and front spring kit on my CRF250L....what a huge improvement! Looking forward to the trip to Tellico in March!
  14. Had a WR for 2 years and now a CRF. The CRF definitely needs more mods out of the box. They are both good bikes but one thing the WR has going for it is weight...or lack thereof. There is a 30 plus pound difference and that is somewhat significant. I like them both however and they both get the job done with the proper mods.
  15. For crying out loud, just get the tires balanced and you will be good to go....:)