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    CRF450X vs WR450 vs KTM450exc

    Thanks for the feedback...Sounds like they are all pretty good, just need to get a chance to ride all of them and see which fits me best. Wish the dealers would let you have a weekend test ride (or any kind of test ride)...probably be testing a different bike every weekend if that were the case. tough decision...
  2. Looking to finally move out of the 2 stroke world (current bike '01 CR250) but having some difficulty with the natural progression of moving to the 450X. hearing and reading a bit about honda's trans problems + what I hear to be "constant" valve adjustment. What is "constant" valve adjustment? Not afraid to turn a wrench, but does the honda require more maintenance than the WR or KTM 450's? Honda uses shims, what about Yamaha and KTM valve adjust? How big of a problem is the trans prob? I plan to plate it, but most riding will be Michigan trails. Not hearing a ton of problems about the KTM. Anybody know of any specific problems for the KTM (leaning towards the KTM, I know it's blasphomey)? Definitely looking for some positive words on the Honda to right the ship.