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  1. Does anybody happen to know if there is an alternate turn signal flasher part#. My local dealer wants 30 bucks for the Facomsa replacement. Figured there had to be a cheaper route out there? thanks, Rick
  2. Goathead666

    Husky part#

    Thank you very much, I'll make sure to bookmark that link. Probably wouldn't hurt to slap it into the sticky at the top of the forum. 38 bucks at the local Husky dealer, Moto Forza in Escondido. I was thinking it was going to be one of those $100+ parts Rick
  3. Goathead666

    Husky part#

    This question may better be asked to a dealership but I'll throw it out here to see if anybody may know. I'm looking for the part # for component 17 "electric start remote control switch" at least that's how it's labeled in the '06 TE450 manual under the wiring diagram. I'd like to call around and check for availability. It's basically the little black box under the seat with the 2 15A fuses and the wiring harness plugged into it. I seem to have fried mine by mistakenly reversing the battery leads. It fried the fuse, which I replaced but now whenever the battery is plugged in the headlight/tail light and instrument display are on all the time without the bike running. Other than that everything electrical works as normal. I'm guessing the diode in the switch was burned and the battery disconnect circuit is constantly closed. Thanks in advance, Rick
  4. Goathead666

    '06 TE450 Carb problem

    Thanks guys, just need to get at it enough so I can fix this float problem. I'm assuming I can do this without removing the entire carb, if not I will use George's procedure. Seems very straight forward.
  5. Goathead666

    '06 TE450 Carb problem

    Thank you, I'll have to check it out when I get home. BTW, is there any "easy" way to get the carb off other than wrestling with it. Seems like that is the most time consuming part of the whole operation?
  6. Goathead666

    '06 TE450 Carb problem

    Well, not sure where to start with this one. Haven't ridden my bike in some time so last night I go out to get it prepped for the weekend, charge battery, fill with gas, clean chain etc.etc... I go to turn on the fuel petcock and gas starts pouring out of the bottom of the float bowl from the overflow. My first thought is that the float is stuck, so I yank the bowl and the float was a bit grabby but I got it to where it was moving freely without issue, buttoned it up and tried it again. Same thing, gas was pouring freely. Now I'm not all that familiar with these modern carbs, but I'm wondering if there is some oversight going on here. Any thoughts on what could be suspect? Seems pretty straight forward..... It wasn't like this before, maybe something dried out Rick
  7. Goathead666

    Ordering from Husqvarna.it ????

    Makes sense, just noticed that the link took me there so I figured I'd be able to order directly through them. Is it possible that a dealer here in the states could order it for me? I'm just down the street from GP. Rick
  8. I'm trying to order a hoodie from the husqvarna.it site that's listed in the sticky on our forum and can't seem to figure out how. Has anybody ordered any apparel from that site or knows where I'd be able to get the hoodie shown on their online store. Trying to get myself an early Christmas present. Rick
  9. Goathead666

    TC plastics on a TE

    Sorry to hijack the thread but on the same note I'm looking for a retailer who sells the stock Husky front plastic light shroud. I busted the mounts where the rubber bands mount to the forks. It's an '06 TE 450 so I'm looking for the blue version. Rick
  10. Goathead666

    '98 XR100 Carb

    Anybody got a link to an exploded diagram of a '98 XR100 carb, a spring fell out while I was cleaning it last night and I want to know where it came from. I was too busy paying attention to the beer in my hand rather than the carb.
  11. Goathead666

    Scotts Damper or Motorsports?

    Just got my Motosportz unit in the mail late last week but have yet to put it on the bike. Kelly, (owner of Motosportz) runs one on his TC450 and swears by it. I'll report as soon as I get her mounted up and some saddle time this weekend. From the looks of it, it looks like a sweet unit, top notch machining. I'm under the impression is works a bit differently than the Scott's or GPR so time will tell which philosophy works better. Rick
  12. Goathead666

    Come Race With Us" Up-tite Racing" Baja 1000

    Good job boys, makes me proud to ride Husky.
  13. Goathead666

    Steering Stabilizer pics

    Thanks Sharpie, I think that was the pic that I had seen on here a while back. Looks sweet on the bike. From what I understand it uses the stock top triple clamp? If you don't mind me asking, how much loot would I have to dole out to get that setup on my rig? I also like the look of that Motosportz setup, very futuristic.
  14. Goathead666

    aftermarket skid plate vs stock?

    I third that motion for the aftermarket links...
  15. Goathead666

    Steering Stabilizer pics

    Nice work lukejt, pretty much what I was looking for. So the Scott's is really the way to go then? I've heard good things abou the RTT, anybody got 411 on that. My only concern is adjustability because of the larger IMS tank, the RTT has the handlebar mounted adj. Rick