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  1. carlilg

    cannon problems

    ATK is stocking parts for cannondales. You can also google cannondaler and talk to some of the folks there about where to find parts.
  2. Did you adjust the idle circuit? The CV carb has a brass plug over the fuel screw which needs to be drilled out so you can adjust it. See the full airbox mod instructions at Kientech.com for details. This should at least get you in the ballpark for jetting with the 435. Maximum Suzuki also has a lot of info on jetting the 350 with various mods. BTW, if you have an electric start SE model, the FCR carb will not fit as the starter motor is in the way. I learned the hard way and went with the mikuni pumper.
  3. carlilg

    So, Teach Me About Sprockets...

    YOu may also need to re-jet for your altitude. 9,000 to 11,000 feet is pretty high unless whoever set up the bike jetted it for that altitude. If you do the Dynojets you should be able to set the jetting up properly. Also, you will want to mod the airbox if you haven't done so already, so the bike can breathe up in that thin air.
  4. carlilg

    DR 350 Kick start kit

    I don't know of such a "kit", but if they ever made one, it's probably out of production as the DR350's have not been made in the last 6 years. I've seen threads on buying the parts and doing the conversion at maximum-suzuki.com, which have a very active DR350 forum, but it looked like a lot more work than I was willing to put in when my electric start works just fine.
  5. This was the setting Sudco gave me when I called about the jetting as shipped.
  6. Just purchased an fcr 35 for my 1997 DR350SE from sudco. Jetted for the stock bike, it has a 135 main, 200 main air, 52 pilot, an EMS needle and a 3.2 needle valve. I'm planning to do the 3X3 airbox mod with a K&N filter and add a Big Gun Evo X full exhaust. What jetting changes will I need, and if I do them separately, will I have to re-jet for each? Thanks for your input!
  7. current jetting is 135 main, 200 main air, 52 pilot, EMS needle with a 3.2 needle valve. Thanks!
  8. I just purchased an fcr35 carb for my '97 DR350SE and will shortly be doing the airbox mod and then a big gun full exhaust. Will I need to re-jet for each? What would be the correct jetting at 1,000 ft. for each (or both?) Thanks!!
  9. carlilg

    Installing DRZ-400 forks to a dr650

    I've been looking for the dirt model cartridge forks, but no luck so far. I think the '98 and '99 S models also had the cartridge forks.
  10. carlilg

    Installing DRZ-400 forks to a dr650

    Can the DRZ400 forks be bolted onto a DR350 as well, or are the stem and bearings different?
  11. carlilg

    Replacement shock for 94' 350ES?

    Contact Works Performance. They can put their own internals in just about any shock body if it is in reasonable shape. If the shaft is OK, they can do a "heart transplant" of the seals, stc. for about $180.00.
  12. I'm considering boring my 1997 DR350SE to 435 and I want to upgrade the CV carb to a pumper. The preferred carb seems to be the 33mm pumper bored to 35mm. As mikuni makes a stock 36mm pumper, I am wondering if this is suitable as it would not involve the added expense of a carb bore. Is the 36mm too big for the stock 350, and if so, would the 435 kit handle this carb?
  13. carlilg

    larger tanks

    Jesse Kientz has a non-vaccum petcock (Pingel) for about $72.00 at Kientech.com. I have seen rebuild kits for the stock petcocks on ebay but don't know if they are for the dirt model or the vaccum operated S petcock.