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  1. Here's a couple action shots from Mississippi...
  2. I've got the same one in Black and it's holding up real well. The stock chain guide was gone in about 10 hours. Here's the link: http://www.tmdesignworks.com/xcart/customer/product.php?productid=16771&cat=&page=
  3. Second gear and you'll probably never shift to 3rd (even in the whoops). Like others have said, starts are the most critical. To me whoops are second. If you can be faster through that section it's a great opportunity to pass or extend your lead.
  4. Go for it... If there was a beginner class, that's where you should start. Bottom line, go out there and have fun. The more you race the better you'll get.
  5. Top "C" rider. A beginner wouldn't look like that even for one lap. Definitely have some skills and riding with confidence.
  6. Moving to Brandon MS this summer. Are there any MX tracks nearby?
  7. Thanks for the input. Makes sense on the water pump seals.
  8. Bought my daughter a used 03 RM 85 this weekend. When I went to change the oil, I noticed coolant in the oil. Is it probably just a bad gasket? or a more serious problem?
  9. This may be true. But why mess with PERFECTION............
  10. Anyone using Repsol? One of my local dealers convinced me to try it and I do like it. Been running it in my 125 and my sons 85. Problem is, out of 7 local dealers, they are the only ones who carry it. Last weekend I bought 3 bottles which is all they had on the shelf. Just curious what everyone is using and why.
  11. I would have to agree. You're going to end up in the hospital on a 250... Stick with what you have and practice on a smaller jump.
  12. I use Factory Effex DX1 Numbers. They hold up well and won't come off with a pressure washer. I'm sure the graphics are the same quality.
  13. Actually, around here you mainly see YZ 85's.....
  14. Trade bikes race again and see if the YZ still wins. If so, the YZ rules.
  15. What's the difference between the EG and EIX. I'm running the BR9EG in my sons 85 and the BR9EIX in my 125. Sure would like to run the EG in mine. They're a lot less $$$.