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  1. big_boar

    Wreck Photos - In good taste!

    i remember that, he broke his wrist and tried to race later with a modified cast. modified by his pit crew and die grinder
  2. big_boar

    Black plastics

    actually ufo does make one...I just ordered it on fri. i ordered the MX version. i think the enduro version comes only in red and white. http://offroad.parts-unlimited.com/14/568/2774910
  3. big_boar

    DRZ400SM rotors??

    with the 320 you need to take the rim off if you wanna take the caliper off. they do sell 320 wave rotors and relocation brackets for DRZ. do a search in the drz section. found this http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Supermoto-Street-Brake-KLX400-DRZ400_W0QQitemZ180004154216QQihZ008QQcategoryZ35601QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  4. big_boar

    Is possible mount a r6 exhaust in drz sm?

    you can just buy the cf can from yosh
  5. big_boar

    Anyone put dirt wheels on an sm yet?

    i bought a set of 18/21 excel/talon combo for my sm. also got extra rotors to make for an easy swap. i heard the hubs are the same as an e or s. i also heard that a rm front will work. dont know what years dont forget to consider sprocket sizes. the chain can only adjust soo much
  6. big_boar

    electric start for rm-z 450 2005

    well my buddy is just stoned and can still kick his. theres no elec start kit for rmz that im aware of if you want the lazy button, you may need consider getting a different bike.
  7. big_boar

    1992 RM125 no spark.

    try and disconnect your kill switch check coil, wire, boot, etc
  8. big_boar

    So much for the kickstart...

    reverse in gear till it stops and pull in the clutch and kick somethin like dat
  9. big_boar

    SM Off-Road?

    i didn't know RM's have neutered street suspension on it.
  10. big_boar

    alternative battery

    been using a yuasa gel
  11. big_boar


    stock is okay. you might wanna try a sm specific jet kit and 3x3 mod. and as always mo $ fo mo speed
  12. big_boar

    Any Oahu Riders

    im on the concrete island theres a fellow TTer hilo thumper from big island dont go to kahuku much, too far and gotta pay
  13. big_boar

    What Type of rims and hubs

    ive got some talon hubs and machined billet is usually stonger than cast stuff. at least $700+ for a set depending on whats included and condition, providing you can find a stock sm set. might be easier to buy new
  14. big_boar

    Another DRZ question

    39 fcr ext acc pump has tps unsure of mx or not