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  1. kd5qoq

    `81 CR250 question

    Andrew, I did post a pic in the pix thread. Just not of the "spoodge leak".
  2. kd5qoq

    `81 CR250 question

  3. kd5qoq

    Post pics of your CR's

    Here's the 81 250 that a friend GAVE to me when he cleaned out his garage. http://img222.imageshack.us/img222/2104/81vl5.jpg
  4. kd5qoq

    `81 CR250 question

    In all my years I haven't run into this one. I got a really sweet 81 CR250 from a friend of mine and it runs great except: it drips ALOT of oily crud out of the airbox drain when running (reeds?) and it will run fine for hours until you shut it off then it will invariably foul the plug. I pulled the reed valve out and there is no damege to them but I wonder if they are still sealing well which might explain the spoodge dripping on the swingarm. The bike otherwise runs strong and I can run just as fast of a lap time on it as I can my YZF (weird how things are when you turn 50 and get slow). I need to post some pictures of it as this bike was used very gentley and kept up really well. Any ideas on the slime or fouling?
  5. kd5qoq

    Rear wheel question.

    You guy's rock! Thank you!
  6. kd5qoq

    Rear wheel question.

    Does anyone know if a later model rear wheel will fit a `89 CR500? The hub on mine is "wallered out" and finding an original may be tricky. I have a small lathe and mill so if spacers and such need to be modified that's not a problem.
  7. Blot some vegetable oil on them and let them sit over night. They'll slide right off.
  8. I think "riped" says it all!
  9. kd5qoq


    I'm sold on the 756. I use it at both ends. I don't really see a wear problem and that may be due to the fact that here in Houston the tracks truly are intermediate soil. I have not found anything that corners better and wwhen it comes down to it cornering is the most important factor when choosing a tire. Just my opinion fellas. YZ426
  10. kd5qoq

    Trying a different rad cap

    There is a reason the stock cap is rated where it is. I don't think I would be messin' with that!
  11. kd5qoq

    Nitrogen in Rear Shock. Can air be used?

    Believe me it's nitrogen for a reason and it's usually just a few $$$ to get it charged.
  12. kd5qoq

    need help, rear shock

    I strongly urge you to have a shop do it. Heck you're gonna need a nitrogen recharge anyway.
  13. kd5qoq

    Help fuel screw

    I thaught so it's kinda like the Holley smog carbs for cars which is 180 degrees from conventional thinking.
  14. kd5qoq

    Help fuel screw

    Fuel screw? WR400 99 Which way is lean and which way is rich? I messed with it and now have a little off idle stumble. Please don't just direct me to another thread I have a lot of gettin' ready for a race. So please give me the quick low down. Also I took the plug out and found that it was 1 heat range colder CR9e vs CR8E which is stock I am planning to mx this weekend any input and I'll kiss ya'll's a$$ on main street at high noon! THANX FELLAS!
  15. Cool, glad I could help.