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  1. Got the new chain from rpm today:-))) Happy chap:-))))
  2. I have the full kit, but there is not a spacer, so i think that this is the one that is taller type. I have mailed rpm, and they will send me a chain. But i live in norway, so it takes a bit off time to get it. But it would be a lot more easy, if i know what kind they use. Than i could order it at a lokal store. But thanks for your answer:-) Ted
  3. There is a diferens, for there are other shorter brakets to the to off the head to the frame. I hvae not tried the stock chain. But will look intu it. Thanks:-)
  4. Hi. Do somone know what kind of cam chain they use in the 315 icecube kit? My`n ar stiff and i need a new. I have a 2004, kx250f.