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  1. mole1

    Speedo Problem

  2. mole1

    Odd Speedometer Behavior on DRZ/SM

    it happened to mine also and eventually your screen will go blank . vibration causes a transistor to break loose or crack from the circuit board , all you need to do is re-solder where the break occurs . it looks like a small black rectangular block and it attaches to the board with 3 small legs , in my case one of the legs was broken from vibration . i soldered the connection and added some epoxy to prevent it from happening again , worked fine after that.
  3. mole1

    handguards you don't saw off/modify?

    +1 for the zeta hand guards . i had the regular zeta guards on my drz and i never had to cut down the levers , although the plastic shields were a little small . if money is no object i believe the cycra guards are highly rated and the standard shields included are large
  4. mole1

    Got my new hemet today

    i've never tried the fancy sprays , i use ivory soap and water on goggle lenses and it works great . just scrape some soap off the bar and mix with a little bit of water to make a thin paste , put a light coat on the lens let dry then buff it off . works great
  5. mole1

    Any idea how to remove a broken tap?

    any industrial supply company should sell tap removers http://www.mcmaster.com/#tap-removers/=4zp8mr
  6. mole1

    Which 320mm rotor? Braking or EBC?

    i believe the difference in price is due to the rotor being made of stainless steel ? i had the 320mm ebc rotor kit on my s and it worked just fine although it did rust a lot during winter storage . had i been thinking i would have removed the brake pads and coated the disc over the winter
  7. mole1

    What spokes for factory SM wheels?

    i ordered my rims and stainless spoke from wheel wright usa and i never had to drill my stock hubs . as i recall , the spoke package had the buchanans name on them . have you tried motostrano for info
  8. mole1

    Shiny stainless steel

    forget about all the expensive polishes , i used one of these pads to freshen up my yosh pipe in minutes . any industrial supply store should have them . http://www.jimslimstools.com/Products/UASait---77446---Sand-Light-Non-Woven-Pad-6-X-9-Stainless__77446.aspx
  9. mole1

    Galfer SS lines are short!

    my galfer line was a little short for my s model also but i made it work after i removed the tape from the plastic protector and slid it further down the line . i found galfers part #'s are mixed up when comparing the front line for a drz-s and klx-sr
  10. mole1

    Best S/E to SM Conversion Pics

    Before : After :
  11. mole1

    Why sell Supermotos 250 cc's and less in US?

    the yamaha wr250x supermoto has some serious potential for those restricted to 250cc , check out the video , looks like fun http://mpfab.com/galleries.htm
  12. mole1

    Making S Wheels SM Wheels?

    i bought 17" excel rims and spokes from http://www.wheelwrightusa.com/ and laced them to my stock s hubs , Aaron was great to deal with . if i were to do it again i would seriously look at buying a complete set of warp 9 sumo wheels and keep the stock dirt set up .
  13. mole1

    GinO has passed

    i believe he also used to go by the name "greginoz" . rip greg , you will be sadly missed .
  14. mole1

    Studing a Trail Wing?

    i've never driven a bike with studded tires before but it looks like a lot of fun . by the amount of studded tires "sold out" on this website i'd say its pretty popular if you live in the snow belt .http://www.winterstuds.com/
  15. mole1

    1993 Cbr 600f2 Hooligan Wheels Done!

    good job , those wheels look great on the drz . they look like they weigh more but i think you would be surprised by the difference compared to a spoked wheel . the cast wheels are also tubeless so i would think they should be close or even possibly less including the tire .