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  1. billyg471

    Pics of your CRF 250's

    heres my 2007 Crf 250
  2. billyg471

    Best Exhaust for 07

    hey i was just wondering what you guys think would be the best exhaust for the 07 250f? Thanks billy
  3. billyg471

    Wheels for and 06?

    hey does anyone have wheels for an 06 crf450..i was racin last weekend and i blew my back hub right out and need some wheels for next weekend..thanks billy
  4. billyg471

    2004 wheels for 2006

    hey do u still have that wheel?and is it complete? thanks billy
  5. billyg471

    complete set of red wheels?

    hey does anyone have a complete set of red excel wheels if ya do plz reply looking to but both complete. thanks billy
  6. billyg471

    Wanting to trade black excel rims for silver...

    hey man id like to buy those off of you how about 550? email me with some pics at billyg471@hotmail.com thanks billy
  7. billyg471

    Does anyone have step seats in stock?

    alright sounds good my email is billyg471@hotmail.com and well arrange somthing
  8. billyg471

    Does anyone have step seats in stock?

    hey if you didnt sell that seat i would like to buy it as soon as possible need one for next weekend thanks billy
  9. billyg471

    Who wants to trade?

    hey if you want ill buy the seat off of you just give me a price and if ya can send me some pics ..reply soon need for this weekend my email is billyg471@hotmail.com
  10. billyg471

    Does anyone have step seats in stock?

    hey if you dont sell that seat to him i would like to buy it off of you just get back to me thanks billy
  11. hey can someone help me i need some help making a step seat... i need it for this thursday..so anyone if ya can help me thanks billy
  12. billyg471


    im looking to get a pitbike. i found a thumpstar in my price range.just wondering if i can get parts for them or if the are compatible with crf 50 parts thanks billy
  13. hey can anyone help me? im goin to south carolina for a week and want to practice. Just wondering if there is any tracks near myrtle beach?
  14. hey can some people give me their thoughts on whats the best exhaust for the 2006 crf 450r thanks billy