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  1. crfrider42

    I am the nicest girlfriend ever.

    My girlfriend doesn't ride but she bought me a CRF450 last fall. I'm sorry I have to vote for her, other wise she might take my bike away.
  2. crfrider42

    Trying to AMA point out of the C Class...

    I quit racing when i was 25 and started again when I turned 32. I started back in the B class with the intention of gettin back in the groove and moving up to the A class the next year. I'm 36 now and that was the best move I ever made. The riders are alot safer, smoother and for the most part easier to ride around. If you are at the front of the C class you should fit in mid pack in the B class. It would be the best move for you to just do it. It will give you more motivation and enjoyment when you start improving on your results.
  3. crfrider42

    Hey Buffalo Range guys

    Check out Fox Valley Off Road north of Ottawa. foxvalleyoffroad.com
  4. crfrider42

    G2 throttle cam

    Thank you ktmgary !!! Finally someone who uses his time to ride his motorcycle instead of sitting on it on the stand trying to figure out why his head pipe turns glowing red orange while sitting there running. Seriously folks, if you want to ask a question about this product to the only person who can give you the correct answer, call Sam the owner of g2ergonomic. Quit wasting your time and get out and ride. g2ergo.com
  5. crfrider42

    03-04 CRF Valve problems

    I worked at a honda dealership 02-04 and it seems this problem was more talked about than it happened. The majority of the people who were having problems and buying valve parts were flat trackers. I've owned a 03 since July of 02 and just replaced the intake valves a month ago as a precotionary measure while I had a new piston put in. I ride my hard and rev the crap out of it.
  6. crfrider42

    New plastics for a 2003... need some help

    UFO has what you need. Honda has made a few different reds in the past five years, and UFO will match the one you want.
  7. crfrider42

    New neck brace design - Leatt Design

    Thanks for posting this. I just had a couple of vertibraes in my neck fused together and am preparing to buy a neck roll of some sort and want the best out there. I want to protect myself the best I can so I don't have to have anymore of these types of surgery.
  8. crfrider42

    03 crf450 HEAD PIPE OR CAM?

    I don't mean this bad or cocky but I'm not a jump off the bridge if someone else does kinda guy. I'm looking for facts to base a decesion on. I pretty much new from the start I should go with the cam, money and power wise,but can someone tell me how and where the cam changes the power delivery? I believe people mention a cam thats called a RHC??? What does this cam do for the power? Terry
  9. crfrider42

    03 crf450 HEAD PIPE OR CAM?

    I owed a 02 and don't know if I liked the power delivery as much as the 03 with the can. But I guess it did pull harder on the top. Has anyone else done this? I would like to hear about the stage 2 hot cam. I like to ride hard and high in the rev. I can still be at front on the starts but I'm noticing on long 4th gear wide open straights that the new bikes pull me alittle. I didn't have that problem in 03 and 04 against the same riders. Terry
  10. crfrider42

    03 crf450 HEAD PIPE OR CAM?

    I have a 03 450 that I have owned since it was new. I love the bike and can not afford a new one this year. Over the winter while I was having a couple of vertibraes in my neck fused I sent the bike in for some surgery to. I had a 04 piston installed along with new intake vavles, timing chain and other worn parts. Right away I installed a fmf powercore silencer on it and love the differents it has made but now would like to get just allittle more mid to top end power without sacrificing low end. Are there any head pipes out there that are worth the money and will actually make the difference I'm looking for? Or should I just go with a hot cam? Can someone tell me about the RHC cam? I still want the bike controlable, not violent, all the h.p. in the world does not make you faster on a track. I want the most for my money and parts that may be cool or look cool and don't give me what I want are out of the question. Terry
  11. crfrider42

    G2 throttle cam

    Your throttle does not and will not turn any more or any less than it does stock. The cams only change the amount of cable that is pulled during the first half of the twist. NJDENT if you have a honda they have the largest cam of all the 250f bikes. If you have a yamaha 250f you can put the largest cam in it and it would pull more cable with less twist during the first half of it. I do believe you have to buy a honda throttle housing. MAY I SUGGEST IF ANYONE HAS ANY QUESTIONS LOG ONTO g2ergo.com YOU CAN ALSO CONTACT SAM THAT WAY VIA EMAIL. THE SIGHT ALSO HAS TESTIMONIAL FROM AMURETURE AND PRO RIDERS. Happy Surfin, Terry
  12. crfrider42

    01 Wr426 Timing And The Gray Wire

    Hey Josh, did you change your exhuast cam timing? Or did you just undo the gray wire?
  13. I have a friend with a 01 wr426 and is going to move the exhuast cam one tooth. Does he also need to cut the gray wire on the cdi?
  14. crfrider42

    Mod 03 or Purchase an 05?

    Hey 4x4r, thanks. Now which cam should I go with? I also had a yz250f a couple of years ago with hot cams and loved it. With the big bike I just don't want to get to crazy. To many people think that the more power they have the faster they can go and with 31 years of riding experience I know if you can't control it then it isn't going to help you. I also like to keep the bike as reliable as possible. I don't know anything about this other cam. Can you fill me in on power delivery? I don't want to lose any low end but would like a bit more mid and top end. The bike is awesome but I have noticed this past season that on long straights the newer bikes will pull me alittle and it's not me giving in or a traction problem. If I could afford a new bike I would get one but it's going to be atleast another year because of my surgery. Thanks for the help, Terry
  15. crfrider42

    G2 throttle cam

    I believe most people will notice the biggest difference in control in the corners. You will also like the advantages in muddy or slippery conditions where throttle control makes you or brakes you. IF ANYONE HAS ANY QUESTIONS OR PROBLEMS ON THE G2 DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL SAM. HE WANTS TO HEAR EVERYONES THOUGHTS ON HIS PRODUCT. AND AS A RACER HIMSELF HE CAN EXPLAIN THINGS IN A WAY THAT MAKES THINGS EASY AND MAKE SENSE TO ANYONE. HE'S VERY EASY TO TALK WITH AND A BLAST TO RIDE WITH. Terry