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  1. pjmetro

    i want saddleback mx, and i want it now!!!

    My brothers and I used to load up the bikes and head out to Sabbleback for the day back in High School. 20 minuts from the driveway to the pits. I think 5 bucks got you in for the day.
  2. pjmetro

    What was your first quad?

    My first quad was(IS) a 1986 Honda TRX 250R. I got it in 1990 and I'm still riding it. I have had a Raptor 660, a Yamaha YFZ450, and a Zuki z400(still have this one for the wife and son to ride), and I will take my 2stroke smoke maker over all of them.
  3. pjmetro

    Happy Birthday Wayne Nosala

    Happy:ride: Birthday Wayne, and thanks for all of your work:applause:
  4. pjmetro

    Whip mount

    Flick whip for me too, Three seasons with no brocken whips:thumbsup:
  5. pjmetro

    Did it rain in Cal City this weekend???

    Very light rain on Friday afternoon and that was it. I left at 2pm today to come home, and it looked like maybe some more light rain was on its way. The little bit that we got on Friday didn't stop us from riding. We were there for four days of riding, and we got in some great rides.
  6. pjmetro

    Ride For Cancer....

    Bump. :ride:
  7. pjmetro

    Ride For Cancer....

    I'm going. I went by myself in 2005, and had a great time. This time I have a group of about 10(maybe 20) riders of all ages going. We will be camping up the road from the MX track. We are going to make a four day trip out of it, ariving Thursday morning, and staying tell Sunday. Paul ps. They had some great give aways at the raffle last time, and good food.
  8. Try this one. http://www.glamisdunes.com/invision/index.php?showforum=117 The link should take you to there Rhinos / Side X Side forum. You should be able to find the info you need there.
  9. pjmetro

    Anyone wear riding shorts under gear?

    I use O'neal Compression shorts. No more monkey butt for me.
  10. pjmetro


    I just got back. I was there for four day, I saw a steady flow of rigs coming in as I was leaving this morning. The weather was great and sounds like it will be a good TGing out there. I just changed tires to head out to Cal City for Turky Day. Have Fun
  11. pjmetro

    Gorman Fri 11-10-06

    Your welcome. I'm glad you could join us. That was a real good ride:ride: to end the day with. I hope your drive home was faster then our's (3:45hrs), driving back to the OC from Gorman on a Friday night sucks!
  12. pjmetro


    Wayne, Thank you for looking into this. I know I saw the sign, but I'm glad its not there anymore. I guess I would rather cry wolf then lose another riding area. Thanks again for all your work. Paul
  13. pjmetro

    Gorman Fri 11-10-06

    I'm going up Friday with a group of guy's(could be around 20 counting kids) from my work. I'm not sure were we will be staging yet. Most of the guy's will be bringing there kids(Vets weekend schools out), but my buddy(KTM400) and I(WR450) will be riding without kids if you want to join us? Paul
  14. slowxr, I think I parked behind him(KTM950) at Denneys in Mojave, when we stopped for B-fast. We all said the same thing "man thats a big bike". We did a 53 mile loop to Randsburg. When we got there we saw new signs posted(by the BLM) at both ends of Randsburg "only street legal vehicles aloud":thumbsdn: . The locals are not happy about the signs:mad: . The BLM is going to kill thier town. After the loop we set out on a scouting mission to find a good camp for Thanksgiving weekend. We had 10 bikes and 2 quads, that makes a big dust cloud, but no injuries and all the rigs were still running at the end of the day:applause: . Paul
  15. slowxr, Did you make the ride yesterday? I was out there with a group of 12 guy's. On our way out I saw somone loading an XR into a silver Toyota, was that you? That was my first time to Cal City, the weather was great and so was the riding:ride: . I would of tryed to hook up with you for the ride, but my WR stock tank only gives me about 60 miles. I hope your ride was a good one. Paul