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  1. Supercross

    we still get more info than last year
  2. Supercross

    The MXP Live audio feed is more up and down than the dunes on race day:banghead:
  3. Unfortunately some people are not smart enough to realize they should keep their mouth shut until they lose their favourite place to ride:banghead: and some well after:bonk: BTW are you going Killers,426 and Flankers favourite practice track today ?
  4. I've been the last moto of the day and still been on the way home before 5:00 pm-aftr fartin around packing up and having a couple of cold ones:thumbsup:
  5. Flagging is a full day but you can sub in a person if you want to ride as long as they are old enough. I always pick the dunes to flag because lately a bad day of flagging there is better than a good day of racing This year they actually had so many people on my day that I didn't have to flag the full day-the other guy was racing so I told him to do a couple of races so I could hit the Potra poo and he could skip the rest of the day. I wasn't riding and thought it would be a nice thing to do-I wouldn't want to flag on one of my race days. I did notice they were a lot faster getting the motos off than last year as well.They changed the rules so that sign in is done at 10:30 and no farting around for last minuet people showing up-on time or no riding
  6. Killer- how about trying TVR? I'm only doing it part time next near between AMA but I still recommend it. My Dad said they added a few good new tracks this year- The Pit (which you know),Paisley, Moto Rock,Gysbers practice facility (my Dad said its got easy jumps but really fun) and they have had Walton 2 years in a row. My season sucked by they way. Had to save money in case of layoffs from the GM strikes and in July developed an eye problem which shortened my season for longer than a broken bone Bought a new 08 KX250f and put a whopping 6.5 hours on it this year:foul:
  7. MX Stewart Short Colton Fasciotti -if he is still racing,Cooper if not MX Lites Dungey Villy Grant
  8. MX Stewart Short Ferry MX Lites Villy Dungey Metcalf 5th Jeremy Medaglia
  9. I agree with your comments on Decal works. I'd like to add that Works connection and Dubach are awsome to deal with on the phone as well. It does have a down side for me though-I have to dial long distance because I can't use the 1-800 #s from Canada and I always end up having pretty good (but long) conversations to California when I call them
  10. There aren't any places close unless you know somone with a private place to ride. Try this site: Morton has is acessable,at least the last time I was there but it sucks anyway. Gopher dunes in Tilsonburge has a ton of trails and is about 2 hours from Windsor (speeding a bit) I ride MX and ride mostly on Tracks in Michigan and have been racing there again also. They prep the tracks better and for people in Windsor its just closer and easier to go stateside. If they had a map like the Michigan one for Ontario it would just be embarassing.
  11. Forget about joining Erie Ramblers-not taking new members. I believe they are going through inner struggles as well with new elected higher-ups .
  12. MX Stewart Byrne Cooper Lites Dungey Villy Grant I don't know what I'm thinking but I guess we'll see:excuseme:
  13. Supercross

    I get it right once in a while:excuseme: But thats what my gut told me. I don't think Wey is happy on the Katooms and its slowing him down-and I think he had some momentum from last year until the switch.
  14. Supercross

    Wey is not going to win,I think he's coming up for a moral boost to feel fast but I think it will backfire. This coming fom a Nick Wey fan. I think Colton will stomp everyone with Dusty behind.