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    Do they still make the KDX line? My dads got a 99 KDX 200 and it runs really strong. I was looking to get a new KDX, was wondering if they still make the 200 or 220. Checked Kawi's site, but they aren't there...
  2. Alright, so the stock clutch in my bike was slipping really bad, so I put this in today. When I got it in and got it to run, it wouldn't engage, so I moved the clutch cable arm on the engine so it was a little looser and now it works, but it still slips in 3rd gear, is it supposed to still slip, like until it gets broken in?
  3. heydockyle

    TTR 125L The newer, the worse?

    Well, I never had to any of that to mine, and I aint stupid, I know the filter needs to be oiled, this was glue, not oil.
  4. heydockyle

    TTR 125L The newer, the worse?

    Ok I have an 03 TTR 125L and it has given me no problems whatsoever besides the chain.(needed an o-ring) So I have 2 friends, 1 of them have a 06 TTR 125LE His bike is a piece of shit... He only weighs around 130 so he isn't to big for it. So far here are the things that have went wrong with it. -Starter is JUNK, will no longer work, you have to use the kick start -Spokes in the rear wheel are all broke. They got so bad that the wheel would wobble -The bolt that holds the choke on the handlebars(Plastic...) broke so it's now zip-tied -The brake fluid cylinder, the nut on the end of the cable going into the cylinder came loose and he lost all of the brake fluid -Handlebars got bent horribly when he laid it over, I mean he didnt even go down hard, he was going around a sharp corner slow and laid it over -Number plate bolt rattled out -Baffle fell out because somehow all 3 bolts fell out -AirFilter was full of glue from Manu. Had to order a uni for it -Jetting was horribly wrong, Way to rich Tell me that isn't strange, so i thought, well it must have been just a bad bike. Until my friends 05 TTR 125L did some of the same things. -Handlebars bent very easily yet again -Airfilter was torn from Manu. I was with him when they brought the bike home -Baffle bolts were stripped and couldn't be removed with any ease whatsoever -The clutch is horribly tight and will not let you feather it at all. Tried adjusting it, didnt help at all -Carb is horribly rich yet again -Metal shavings in the carb Has anyone had any problems like this?
  5. heydockyle

    ds 80 help. IT WONT START

    Take it apart and see what the piston looks like, see if the rings are melted into it.
  6. heydockyle

    Could it be the top end

    3 things that happened to my bike that made it lose top end. 1. Power Valve went bad, replaced it, adjusted it to tight and it lost top end and would lug like bad plug, loosened it up, worked great 2. The clamps on the carb weren't tight and it had no top end whatsoever. 3. Bike would free rev(In neutral) like usual, but it would load up horribly up top. Took the carb apart cleaned out the main jet(which was full of dirt) and it fixed it
  7. heydockyle

    gearbox jumping problem

    Do you wear riding boots? Maybe you aint pulling up on the shifter enough. Thats what my bike does when it is low it will be real notchy and it will miss gears(get stuck inbetween, sorta like nuetral)
  8. heydockyle

    ds 80 help. IT WONT START

    Does it have any compression?
  9. heydockyle

    125L front brake problem

    The brakes are real touchy on every one I have road, just the way it is setup i guess, I think it makes you more aware, so I left mine alone.
  10. heydockyle

    Post pics of ur bike!

    1996 RMX 250
  11. heydockyle

    RM250 Power valve adjustments

    My power valve went to the shitter and had to buy half of the assembly. We adjusted it using the like know on the side of the case for the power valve and it had no top end, felt like it was getting no gas. The manual said to tighten it like 1 turn clockwise, and it was wrong. That spec is way to tight so we loosened it up by turning it like 1/2 counterclockwise and it fixed it all, so I suggest taking it apart, cleaning it out, checking your manual to see what it recommends(Adjusting Wise) and then tune it accordingly.
  12. heydockyle

    gearbox jumping problem

    Is your bike low on tranny fluid by any chance? Whenever my bike is low on oil it will be real notchy.
  13. heydockyle

    ds 80 help. IT WONT START

    Maybe the carb is full of dirt.
  14. heydockyle

    checking oil on TTR50

    Never hood of having to put it on the stand, but I would say listen to the manual, because they wouldn't lie to you..
  15. heydockyle

    Sweet Honda

    Nice bike, you race it?