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  1. MikeFrick

    off road phone mount?

    We used the Ram x mount with their extra rubber band strap thing and ball mount attached to bar clamps, for 800 miles of prerunning and 800 miles of race in this years Baja 1000. Not one slip of the phone. Some have commented on fear of high speeds. We hit around 90mph on dirt with many 70+ extended stretches, that’s quite a bit of vibration and wind. Gotta say I was very impressed. To the OP’s question about vibration damage: yes, it will get more vibration than in your pack etc, but modern phones seem amazingly immune to vibration damage. Hope this helps!
  2. MikeFrick

    Baja 1000

    Any NW TT’ers going to the Baja 1000? Message me and we’ll connect! We start prerunning on the 9th
  3. MikeFrick

    Baja 1000 2018

    This year fielding a 2 man 50 pro team. We’ll be starting prerun Fri 9th. 5 days to cover the whole course with just a backpack. For the race, we’ll be on KTM 350xcf, #524xgoing with mousse front and back. First time for me with the rear mousse. Lubed the bejeezus out of them, and curious to see how it fares. Anyone else from Pacific NW going? Love to see any of you all from Thumpertalk down there.
  4. MikeFrick

    Ensenada Hotels

    Putting together a last minute team for the 1000, and need hotel for the days leading up to the start. Does anyone have any knowledge of hotels with vacancy? Thank you in advance!
  5. MikeFrick

    other places to stay near v.d.t.?

    2011 Buddy and I stayed at Jamau prerunning in a huge rainstorm. Fantastic place and the owner was incredibly welcoming. Even had a dryer for our soaked gear. Food was great too!
  6. MikeFrick

    Gas Bladder / Bags?

    MSR bladders are at REI. Get bigger than you need so it is more squishable, plus more capacity is always better. They take up no space. I'd recommend the heavier duty black.
  7. MikeFrick

    Valle de Trinidad hotel?

    We ended up staying at Jamau Outpost during a huge rainstorm. Pulled in on our bikes right at sundown. Manuel and Ramon greated us and since we were the only ones there, set us up in the "suite". Having read JH's post about cots, we were prepared to tough out the night on those, but the suite has two beds and its own bathroom with shower! Really nice! Manuel brought us two beers and Ramon started in on dinner. The clothes dryer was a lifesaver as wet as we were. One of those boot dryers from the ski areas would have made this a true spa! Our boots were wet for the next 3 days! After a great dinner and a couple beers listening to manuel's stories, it was generator off, and lights out. Never slept so good. In the morning Ramon made us another great meal and coffee. I highly recommend this place! Great hospitality, and our bikes were safe inside the locked gates. Besides, it's about 4 miles off hwy 3. Easy to find, with a huge sign right at about km108. Thanks for the info getting us into Jamau!!! FYI, 2 days later we stopped at Valle de Trinidad for gas and the town was swamped with big rig teams, so I can assume any lodging there was probably taken (we did NOT check though). Would like to know more about that hotel from anyone that has used it though.
  8. MikeFrick

    Humbled 257x B1k Report

    Thanks!!! I pitted with one of your guys, Joey down before Matomi, and told him to tell you hi. Was going to call you to see if we could prerun 1st 35miles on Wed, but was crunched on time. Had to make it back to town before my gal got into town. Super fortunate to have the good people at BajaBoundMoto bring her from the airport over the border for her 1st off road race! Everyone knows it, but Tim and Jen are great people. She was jazzed, and I think this picture shows what a lot of people feel.
  9. MikeFrick

    Humbled 257x B1k Report

    I'm still a Baja newb, this being my second Baja 1000, but thought some of you might be entertained by my story: Last year I ran a 3 man team to La Paz and had a cake walk. Wanted more seat time, so decided to jump into the deep end and go for a solo attempt! The plan was to prerun with a buddy the entire course in 4 days, doing it entirely out of back pack, no chase support. I won't bore you with the last minute stresses getting bikes ready into the wee hours barely pulling it off. Being from Washington, the Saturday rain storm, the week before the race, was tolerable, but definitely not the conditions we hoped for! By the time we got to RM 200, my buddy's xr650L had beaten him pretty bad. We slabbed it to San Felipe where fear of the dreaded whoops forced us to skip the entire San Felipe loop. As the race would prove, It probably would have beat me down and forced me to not be able to even start. So we finished off the rest of the course and had a great time. Prerunning is almost as fun as the race! Some special, generous folks helped me by bringing my gal from San Diego Airport to Ensenada the day before the race, so I had some karma pay backs. Race morning, my boots finally dry from the rains, the plan was to ride a fun, fast pace, but not full race pace. After a couple little mishaps and lost time in the first 80 miles I got my first real break with helmet off and some food from my support crew (Megan and Bob) at hwy 3 crossing right on time at about 9:15AM. Next stop RM 200. Came in about 45 minutes ahead of plan 1:15PM, and put on headlight and helmet light, ate a big lunch and took off. Had a good pace going until after Diablo where all the whoops started. Amazed to see my gas boiling after the long lake run at full speed. This is where I got humbled (Bully Beatdown really!). I couldn't, and still can't believe there are really that many miles of whoops! Hit Baja Pit #8 at 6:00pm, had a pulled pork sandwich rested, drank, ate more and finally left with the trucks coming soon. Into the dark in territory I hadn't prerun turned out to be bad voodoo later. I stopped to help several guys. Carnage was building on the course. 1 Kawasaki with a burned up Rekluse, helped another guy with no lights to follow me. Found a quad that had gone from RM 390 to RM 340 where I found him out of gas and asking where he was! Spent way too long showing him gps and then filled his camelback with gas from my tank to get him to next pit, all while the trucks started roaring past. Amazing show with the top three trucks real close!!! Somewhere past RM 410, I followed the trail, marked with ribbon, and started to get real happy as it smoothed out... next Race Mile marker I see is RM 50!!! From some other race obviously. This trail dumped me onto a graded road within sight of a highway. As I'm looking over my shoulder for marker signs, I hit a washout that body slammed me. dinged up shoulder, but bike still ridable after bending the shifter back. Pull GPS out of pack, find I'm 10 miles off course and start across desert to the real course. Finally back on track, but keep losing the course with all the different markings and trails. Maybe I was getting loopy in the head too! I've now become pretty far off the pace I thought would be reasonable, but still way within time limits. Figured to gain some time through the Mike's loop and over to the Pacific, but the Mike's loop literally froze my hands. I had to stop twice to warm them on my pipe just to be able to grab controls! About 5 or 10 miles before Valle de Trinidad meadow, I lose all lights. There must be a short somewhere, but as I tear the whole bike apart, I can't solve it. An hour and a half of futile searching and the sun is coming up, starter won't work, kick start does!, so off I go. My crew was worried sick at the meadow pit, but some quick calculations and we figure that I should still be able to make it within the time limit. Pretty uneventful ride to the Ojos crossing where my knee gave out (too many whoops). I was in screaming pain every time I changed from standing to sitting. I limped/crawled towards the finish. I had to choke back the emotion as I came into town and realized that I was actually going to make it coming out of the wash onto the street. Fun to pin it around the last couple of corners and pitch out the back end coming into the finish. They peeled me off the bike, and handed me the best beer I've ever had. Back home a week later and my fingers are still numb and weak. I guess this is what the retirement years will feel like, having my kids cut my food!!! Still can't wipe the smile off my face thinking of Baja. I've quit trying to explain to non riders "why on earth someone would WANT to do this". Can't wait till my kids are old enough to ride it with me. Any of you guys that have ever thought about soloing this, but worried that it would be too much? I'll bet you ate far more turkey than you ever thought you could. Same thing, I never thought I could ride that much. Give it a go and lets push Sal to make this a class!
  10. MikeFrick

    Valle de Trinidad hotel?

    Thanks! Looks like the perfect fit, and bike friendly by their website. Any first hand user reviews?
  11. MikeFrick

    Valle de Trinidad hotel?

    Planning 4 days of prerun, and am struggling with our first night. Any of you Baja gurus know of a place to sleep in/around Valle de Trinidad? Looking to do a half day ride leaving Ensenada and ending up around RM 90. Thought I remembered someone on here mentioning a place in this area once, but I can't seem to find it. I will be prerunning with one other rider, so small is no problem for us!
  12. MikeFrick

    Ensenada hotels value and security?

    I know this has been asked in the past, and I have read the old posts, but it has been a couple years. Things change. Places run down. Other places step it up. Wondering if you Baja experts have suggestions for a hotel for the Baja 1000? Criteria we are looking for: 1) close to the start 2) security for our bikes that will be chained up in the back of the truck 3) secure location to leave truck and race bike while pre-running for three days 4) clean 5) good dollar value. My VERY limited experience from last year: We stayed at the Costa Baja very near to the start line. It was clean. The owner Pete was a good guy, even helped us block off a parking spot just for us in the garage, security guard was present, but didn't really instill total confidence(Must point out that we had NO issues) and the location was good. We plan to book 1-2 rooms from Wed Nov 16 thru Sun the 20th. What say you Baja Gurus?!?!
  13. MikeFrick

    Training and Nutrition

    I am respectfully asking the admin to bring this back to Baja forum. The logistics of body fuel in Baja are totally unique. I appreciate all your feedback! I am a lifelong endurance athlete, but the pure logistical problems of bringing supplements and food on your bike and to remote locations can not be found anywhere else. That is why I asked this question in the Baja forum.
  14. MikeFrick

    Training and Nutrition

    Gary, your results speak loudly. What gave out on you? Not suggesting that anything did, just wondering if anything did, what it might have been!
  15. MikeFrick

    Training and Nutrition

    Less than 2 months left to train for the 1000, and I'm wondering what solo riders especially, but really what everyone does to get in shape when not on the bike. And what do you eat race day? And a follow up question is: What do you wish you had done differently in the past? I also wonder if any of the guys in cages would share what they do?