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  1. MikeFrick

    Dal Saggios

    Kraynial, can you share details of how these feel better? In which terrain?
  2. MikeFrick

    Ram Phone Mount

    I use the Ram “rubber band” thing you see there. No tether, but that’s not a bad idea. I am a little embarrassed to say that yes, this set up has endured quite a few get offs 🤷‍♂️. So far I’ve got about 2000 miles, and for the cost, this has been perfect. It also saves bar space, and is super adjustable. I’ve seen other mounting systems that look more sturdy, but cost quite a bit more... I’ve also made my own, and this xgrip is my “go to” now.
  3. MikeFrick

    Ram Phone Mount

    I prerun and race the the Baja 1000 with this setup.
  4. MikeFrick

    17 350xcf stator conversion

    Kmkommes, thank you so much for all your research. Deciding if this is the direction to go. Did you notice any difference in performance with the bigger rotor(I’m wondering if it’s like flywheel weights)? And what wiring & regulator did you use??
  5. MikeFrick

    Tires for Baja-KTM 500

    That’s quite a price difference from Nitro or Michelin! Hoping someone has experience with these to share
  6. Marshall31, did you solve your issues on this upgrade? I’m looking to do the same on a ‘17 350xcf.
  7. MikeFrick

    17 350xcf stator conversion

    I think the 350 engine shares more with the 250 design than the 450 ,so you probably won't be able to use those parts Yeah, wasn’t intending to use 450 parts, just wondering if there’s a 350 W flywheel/stator and if it would match up.
  8. History: upgraded to the TT stator, but it is still not enough output to run a good dual light for Baja racing. Banging my head against this for too long. Saw a post on a 16 450 that was successfully converted to the xcw stator/flywheel/cover, but have been told it’s not possible on my bike. There’s gotta be a way....or am I just too stubborn to accept this?
  9. MikeFrick

    baja pictures

    I don’t see many posts on here about the races anymore, so thought I’d drop a couple pictures. Anyone else from TT at the race? This was my 1st time at San Felipe 250. Was wayyyyyyy more fun than I thought it would be.
  10. MikeFrick

    ‘17 350xcf taller 6th gear?

    Thanks for all the feedback. Eastreich hit the exact info I was wondering about: can I add a taller 6th or swap to wide ratio trans. Looks like I’ll keep what I have. It goes well past 100, and I’ll just live with the high revs in Baja👍
  11. MikeFrick

    ‘17 350xcf taller 6th gear?

    Thanks eastreich. Looks like that’s it.
  12. I have a ‘17 350xcf. Love it, but would like taller gearing on the top end (high speed). Low end is perfect with stock sprockets (14/50). My “complaint”, be it minor, is on longer high speed stretches (Baja). Bike will do 100, but revs that high for long time seem abusive. Even 60-80mph revs are high. Maybe just a taller 6th gear??? Has anyone done this? Is it even possible? Other ideas? Thanks in advance for any input!👍
  13. MikeFrick

    off road phone mount?

    We used the Ram x mount with their extra rubber band strap thing and ball mount attached to bar clamps, for 800 miles of prerunning and 800 miles of race in this years Baja 1000. Not one slip of the phone. Some have commented on fear of high speeds. We hit around 90mph on dirt with many 70+ extended stretches, that’s quite a bit of vibration and wind. Gotta say I was very impressed. To the OP’s question about vibration damage: yes, it will get more vibration than in your pack etc, but modern phones seem amazingly immune to vibration damage. Hope this helps!
  14. MikeFrick

    Baja 1000

    Any NW TT’ers going to the Baja 1000? Message me and we’ll connect! We start prerunning on the 9th
  15. MikeFrick

    Baja 1000 2018

    This year fielding a 2 man 50 pro team. We’ll be starting prerun Fri 9th. 5 days to cover the whole course with just a backpack. For the race, we’ll be on KTM 350xcf, #524xgoing with mousse front and back. First time for me with the rear mousse. Lubed the bejeezus out of them, and curious to see how it fares. Anyone else from Pacific NW going? Love to see any of you all from Thumpertalk down there.