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  1. matty441

    Big Bore good or bad...

    I had mine done in Mich at p2g This thing ripps I don't get beat at the dunes offten the guy was a wrench for a pro snocrosser and he adjusts the valves and porting for $350 and I beats my freinds $500 dollar job from ct racing. the guy will give you all kinds of setup tips and everything.
  2. matty441

    yfz450 swingarm or not?

    yes it will fit and only go one inch I have the same paddles and alot more motor work and 1 inch still handles great and you have to really work to get the front end up. do not trim the padles you need that traction
  3. matty441


    Ya 10 hours is fine we ran 12 straight at the 12 hours of america and that was about all the farther i'll go but 10 is fine in those conditions.
  4. matty441

    BLASTER questions

    Yes they are reliable. I would stay away from the big bore to much heat I had mine runing with Honda 400's with some good port work milled head to about 155psi so you can still run pump gas, pipe, and advance the timing. And ran it on amsoil 100:1. I would deff. start with a fresh wiseco piston. hope this helps.
  5. matty441

    Need Low End Power !!!!

    header will actualy reduce the bottom end I would recomd a high comp piston best thing for bottom end.
  6. matty441

    just got head work done

    Ported and had all the valves re seated and shimed
  7. matty441

    Suzuki just got head work done

    Just got the head work done on my 400 stock piston and cylinder. best mod avaliable this thing rips now. Freind spent more money on cams and ignition and mine blows it away not even close
  8. matty441

    DID the CAM MOD!!!

    Its really simple just rotate the exhaust cam clockwise one tooth from the left side of the motor I can copy and print the directions if you want
  9. matty441

    Before and After

    I have dyno'd alot of snowmobiles and there is no power diff when polished it doesn't matter at all just alot of wasted time polishing
  10. matty441

    Top speed

    about 73 got the ticket to prove
  11. matty441

    Florida riders

    You going to the wpsa quad national at gatback in april
  12. matty441


    Give me a $ amount to spend then we could point you in the right direction
  13. matty441

    Running extra oil ???

    You can also help the prob by running energy release I'm not a big fan of addatives but this works we did lots of testing on aluminum gears for snowmobiles with this stuff and went from 500 miles to about 1500 with energy release. it really works well you just have to find where to get it try seerching the web
  14. matty441

    Honda Florida riders

    Any quad riders from around the gatorback area
  15. matty441

    Suzuki Quad riders from florida

    Anyquad riders from gainesville florida area